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  • Audit of IT infrastructure in Młyny Szczepanki

    Audit of IT infrastructure in Młyny Szczepanki

    In a modern company, IT infrastructure is critical for its smooth functioning. Data security, ease of work of all departments, management and the entire production process depend on it. If something is not working properly, a serious failure is only a matter of time. With it, production, distribution and sales will also stop, and therefore – huge losses will be generated every second.

    Młyny Szczepanki took this risk into account and decided to conduct an audit of IT infrastructure. In this way, the organization counteracts a disaster by locating and eliminating potential trouble spots. Based on the opinions and previous implementations, Grandmetric was selected for this task.

    Grandmetric engineers ran and audit of IT infrastructure and our IT systems. They worked efficiently, were available and located several potential trouble spots, thanks to which we avoided more serious problems. The audit report impressed me the most – it described the condition of our infrastructure in great detail and specifically indicated corrective steps in the area of cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

    Robert Nowacki, IT Manager, Młyny Szczepanki


    • Młyny Szczepanki
    • Production of up to 800 tons of flour per day
    • Modern, sustainable energy sources and innovative machinery

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    • Comprehensive network security audit
    • Audit of IT infrastructure and IT configuration

    Results of the audit of IT infrastructure

    A comprehensive and detailed factual report

    Recommendations to improve infrastructure security and efficiency

    Elimination of single points of failure

    Optimization of network configuration and edge devices

    Thanks to the complementary competences in the team, we were able to move from a general look at the network to a detailed look at its individual elements. This allowed for the creation of an extensive report that included a detailed description of problems and repair recommendations at all layers of the IT infrastructure – physical, hardware, configuration, server, services and design.

    Karol Goliszewski, Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric

    How did we conduct the audit of IT infrastructure?

    audit of it infrastructure project process

    On-site analysis

    Our specialists went to scattered company locations to diagnose problems and make appropriate recommendations. When taking a closer look at infrastructure and IT systems, the issue of both physical and network access remains extremely important. Thanks to the Client’s great openness and willingness to cooperate, the entire process went quickly and smoothly.

    Remote analysis

    After visiting the Client’s locations, we moved on to examining the infrastructure using selected remote tools. In this way, we simulated attacks and attempts to gain unauthorized access to IT infrastructure and IT systems.

    Data analysis

    We compared the information obtained during the analysis with good practices in the field of digital security in manufacturing companies. We clearly marked the places where discrepancies were noted and then assigned them the appropriate priority with which the client should address the elimination of discrepancies and the difficulty in implementing it.

    Preparation of the audit document

    We reviewed all inspection conclusions with a set of recommendations tailored to the Client’s business profile. The structure of the audit document was as follows:

    1. Executive summary
    2. Main conclusions
    3. Main recommendations
    4. Test items
    5. Testing time frame
    6. Risk rating
    7. Testing methodology and criteria
    8. Toolkit and methods
    9. Summary of the vulnerabilities found
    10. Architecture and network feature recommendations

    Presentation and discussion of the report

    The report is only part of the service, the final conversation with the Client, a thorough explanation of the threats and the preparation of recommendations and alternative solutions tailored to the business profile are equally important. Overall, creating a safe and reliable network is a step towards positive change in the organization.

    IT infrastructure audit and what next?

    A security audit of IT infrastructure is not a simple and pleasant procedure, because it aims to expose the weakest points of protection. This is nitpicking, which can be a lesson not only for the Client but also serve as an example for other companies.

    We especially encourage our Clients to take care of:

    • Regular updates – supported and up-to-date software closes further vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.
    • Modern software – tailored to our times. As technology develops, the level of basic security increases, even in such simple tools as e-mail.
    • Employee training – people are the weakest link in any security system. It is important for employees to know the potential risks and not fall for them.
    • Access control – precise checking of who and to what extent can gain access to the company network.
    • Viewing cybersecurity as an investment – a hacker attack can have disastrous consequences for a company. An appropriate level of security will help you avoid serious costs in the future.

    Are you wondering if it’s time to audit your IT infrastructure and IT security?

    Schedule an initial consultation with a Grandmetric engineer and take action before your organization falls victim to an attack!

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      Karol Goliszewski Grandmetric

      Karol Goliszewski

      Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric