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  • Powerful Meraki solutions

    for better connectivity and visibility

    Cisco Meraki solutions enable the creation of a comprehensive network infrastructure. The range of products includes, among others: wireless connectivity, security and connection management. The simplicity of use and quality have made their products used by global corporations such as Audi and Starbucks. The company’s acquisition in 2012 by Cisco only confirms the high standards and level of security.

    As a certified Cisco Premier Partner Integrator, we have a comprehensive and cost-effective offer of Cisco products and Meraki solutions for our customers. Read below what we specialize in. Meraki’s offer also allows you to finance network purchases under Cisco Easy Lease – 0% leasing.

    Premier Integrator Cisco Certified. Oferta Cisco dla firm.

    Who benefits most from Meraki solutions?

    Meraki's offer includes everything needed to create a secure connection for remote workers and ensure a high level of on-site security and intelligent space management, including: through IoT sensors or cameras. The entire network infrastructure is connected by a friendly interface, and high availability is guaranteed by the cloud operating model.

    Cisco Meraki solutions will prove useful primarily in organizations that expect reliability and modernity from their supplier, but also simplicity that allows the solutions to be operated even by people not involved in IT.

    Companies based on remote work, wholly or partially, sales points and other units with a dispersed structure.

    Smart office, where technology reigns supreme and many devices requiring network access are used.

    Meraki w fabryce

    Smart factories – environments where a clear interface and considerable automation are needed to manage the vastness of IoT.

    Cisco and Meraki solutions form a harmonious duo that will certainly have a positive impact on both companies. But how to choose the right one? Tell us about your needs and we will propose a solution!

    Comprehensive Cisco Meraki solutions

    Meraki Switches

    Cisco Meraki switches combine innovative Cisco technology with cloud management, allowing for the simultaneous configuration of multiple devices. They automatically detect switches from the same manufacturer and configure them without administrator intervention. The management panel provides an overview of security and anomaly detection.

    From the Meraki panel, you can manage the Catalyst 9300 switch and monitor the Catalyst 9200.

    MS225 Przełącznik Meraki

    Meraki MS225 switch

    Meraki SD-WAN

    It allows you to connect remote users and those working on-site under the same conditions. Available in cloud and on-premise versions to ensure the highest level of protection. A very simple configuration will enable optimization of network traffic between websites or the cloud environment.

    Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

    Cloud managed Meraki SD-WAN

    Meraki Firewall

    Cisco is a leading manufacturer of security systems, so it’s no wonder that Meraki keeps pace. New generation firewalls such as MX75, MX95, MX105 have, among others: multi-layer filtering system, SSL, data loss protection, granular application control and Advanced Malware Protection. They can operate on their own or as part of the Cisco security ecosystem. Additionally, centralized management simplifies configuration.

    Cisco Meraki L7 Firewall

    Cisco Meraki Access Points

    In addition to optimizing network traffic and high throughput, Meraki access points themselves provide an additional layer of security. The monitoring system allows you to quickly identify threats or errors and then send an update. Meraki Wi-Fi Smart Thresholds will in turn notify the administrator to take action on network traffic. Ready-made kits will make it easier to create infrastructure that will meet the expectations of even very demanding customers.

    Cisco MEraki- punkty dostępowe Wi-Fi 6

    Catalyst 9166 cloud-managed Meraki and MR44 Wi-Fi 6 access points

    Environmental Sensors

    Connect all IoT devices and cameras in one place thanks to advanced sensors from Meraki. An office or production hall will help you collect more detailed data and better manage the use of resources. Real-time alerts will allow you to quickly locate the source of the problem and avoid a more widespread failure.


    Cameras combined with sensors and network monitoring combine into an integrated security system, giving a full picture of what is happening in the organization. Processing and storing recordings directly in devices partially solves the problem of their subsequent storage. In themselves, they constitute an important element that allows you to detect physical threats to the company in real-time.

    Installation, configuration, and more

    We will support you throughout the entire project cycle – from network and security design, through efficient hardware delivery and professional implementation under the supervision of a project manager.

    We want the implementation to be effective and efficient, allowing you to focus on what’s important – the development and success of your organization.

    Uniform structure - lower requirements

    As with other vendors, building a network based on one manufacturer will ensure that it operates as optimally as possible.

    It is worth adding that the cloud provides a flexible, easily scalable subscription model that can be tailored to the needs of almost every customer. In addition, the merger of Meraki and Cisco has made both companies work closely together, as do their devices. Thanks to this, you can expand the infrastructure in a simple and quick way.

    Meraki solutions for high bay warehouse - case study

    In the case of Meraki solutions, there are more benefits

    Visibility from one place

    Meraki cloud dashboard allows you to monitor your infrastructure from a single device in one convenient panel. This is a great basis for further expansion of secure infrastructure.

    Simplification of IT processes

    The time savings resulting from automation, speed of operation and application installation will free the IT team to focus on other tasks.

    Increasing employee and customer satisfaction

    Both customers and employees are accustomed to constant access to the Internet. Using the Meraki environment will allow for an easy but secure connection.

    Reducing operating costs

    By using energy-saving switch functions and monitoring environmental conditions by sensors, electricity consumption is reduced by up to several percent.

    Try before you buy

    Wondering if Meraki is a good choice for your organization or factory? Start with tests. Our engineers will help you choose the right equipment model and suggest its configuration. If it works, you will buy it. If not, you'll give it back.

    Free Consultation

    Are you curious whether Meraki will meet your expectations? After identifying the needs of your organization, we will propose a solution that will secure the connectivity and visibility of terminals, and at the same time protect the network and users.

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