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5G Consulting


5G Consulting

Having strong technological outlook, Grandmetric 5G Consulting Services aim to provide advisory on the latest developments in the mobile network business.

We deliver our competences in the form of R&D, technology and standards consulting, writing dedicated technical reports and providing technical training.

With our 5G services we want to help you understand what is 5G, how to migrate from 4G to 5G, what are the technologies and use cases for 5G and IoT, what are the differences between LTE and 5G, and many more

Addtionally, we are tracking 3GPP standardization process constantly in order to  provide you the latest intel about this  crucial matter.

What have we been already doing in 5G?

Some of the projects that we have been involved in, when talking on 5G, include:

  • 5G R&D Consulting: Our service included being part of a telecom vendor expert R&D team for to design RRM/SON algorithms for LTE & 5G systems, architecture design for 5G RAN, and research on Radio Environment Maps for 5G.
  • 5G Training: Conducting and designing the LTE/5G technical courses. Some of the work included: preparation of the course concept, materials, scripts, exercises and knowledge transfer for online and on-site courses in partnership with
  • 5G Standardization: Dedicated consulting on specific insights of LTE and 5G standardization progress involving detailed research and training for the customer.
  • 5G Publishing: Co-authoring a book “From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G” published by Artech House and numerous research papers and whitepapers on LTE and 5G Radio Interface and RAN.
  • 5G Consultations: Answering investment institutions’ questions like: What 5G is? What are the key players? What are main features? When will it be implemented? What are the challenges for 5G?

How we do our 5G projects?

Project: Tailored Training Session

Client: Customer from WiFi industry (USA).

Implemented services: #TechnicalConsulting #Training

Problem: Understanding non-WiFi accesses to Unlicensed spectrum


1. Preparation of consultation proposal to fit directly info customer’s needs.

2. Agreement of the training session agenda dedicated research on stadardization progress & tailored course materials preparation.

3. Training session delivery live on-line on: mobile technologies for unlicensed spectrum; testing methodologies; and recent progress in 5G standardization.

4. After that: 1 month for offline Q&A support.


Client’s staff equipped with the unlicensed mobile technologies available on the market and up-to-date with the recent developments in 3GPP.


5G Dedicated Consulting


“Marcin is a very knowledgeable Principal Consultant in 5G / Wireless research technologies. He has a great attitude and is helpful, humble and friendly. I am sure with his all round business knowledge he will make a success of Grandmetric, good luck Marcin!”
Nick Bailey, Head Connected World, UK

The usual, thorough, 5G materials we are by now used to receive from Grandmetric. Thank you very much for always sharing insightful info.”
Ramses Rodríguez Ferguson, Consultant & 3GPP RAN SME, Panamá

Marcin clearly has deep relevant experience and knowledge of the technical challenges facing semiconductor and equipment manufacturers developing 5G solutions. I recommend Marcin as a knowledge source for anyone seeking to understand and evaluate 5G technologies.”
Chris Ambrosio, Executive Director, Strategy Analytics, USA


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