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  • Cisco IOS XE Static Credential Vulnerability (Catalyst Switches, ISR4k and ASR1k Routers)

    Cisco IOS XE Static Credential Vulnerability (Catalyst Switches, ISR4k and ASR1k Routers)

    Date: 09.04.2018


    Cisco has stated that there is a vulnerability in Cisco IOS XE 16.X version (bug does not affect releases prior IOS XE 16.X)  that allows remote attacker to log in to the system with privilege 15 with default username cisco. This bug affects the platforms supported by IOS XE software, inter alia following:


    • Catalyst 9500, 9300 switches
    • Catalyst 3650, 3850 switches
    • ISR 4200, 4300, 4400 routers
    • ASR 1000 routers
    • ISRv, CSR1000v


    If you have one of these and show version displays the following output:

    router# show version
    --- output omitted ---- (CAT3K_CAA-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version Denali 16.2.1

    Immediately upgrade the system or use the workaround.


    Possible direct workarounds:

    • delete an account by issuing no username cisco command in configuration mode
    • change the password for cisco user
    • to upgrade the IOS XE version to get rid of this vulnerability check the bug toolkit


    Affected releases (as of 10 April 2018):
    • 16.5.1
    • Everest-16.5.1

    Known fixed releases (as of 10 April 2018):

    • Everest-16.6.1
    • Everest-16.6.1a
    • Everest-16.5.2
    • 16.7(0.78)
    • 16.6.1
    • 16.6.1a
    • 16.6(0.238)
    • 16.5.2
    • 16.5(1.67)


    The vulnerability is described as critical and received score 9.8:

    • The Cisco bug id is: CSCve89880
    • CVSS score: 9.8
    • Vulnerability: CVE-2018-0150







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