Network Fundamentals – Design & Build Enterprise Networks

Network Fundamentals – Design & Build Enterprise Networks

“Design and Build Enterprise Network” is a training about network fundamentals along with designing and building enterprise networks using the lab environment having newest network technologies and products. This course presents network fundamentals, real live project examples, photos of well made server rooms (along with badly designed server rooms), techniques for designing, implementing and troubleshooting IP networks.

Introduction to IP Networks

  • IT World Challenges – Introduction
  • Service Network Model
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Components
  • Think like a packet, TCP/IP/Ethernet and protocols
  • Which protocols are used where and which are not used.
  • Data communication schemes in Enterprise networks
  • Rules for Designing & Building networks

Ethernet frames and IP packets

  • IP and Ethernet networking rules
  • MAC address, Ethernet frame construction
  • IP packet construction, IPv4 header fields
  • IP addressing – concepts, addressing, practical examples
  • Layer 2 switches – rules, MAC learning
  • Lab1 – MAC Learning
  • Spanning-Tree

3) VLANs and Network Layer 3

  • Trunk, VLAN, 802.1q
  • Lab2 – VLANs
  • How does routers and L3 switches work?
  • Encapsulation, Decapsulation process
  • Lab3 – ARP, IP Connectivity
  • L2/L3 communication, Logical interfaces
  • Static and dynamic routing
  • Lab4 – IP Routing

4) LAN Troubleshooting

  • Efficient and quick Layer 2 and Layer 3 troubleshooting
  • Physical issues examples
  • IP, MAC, Hosts tracing methods

5) LAN in Enterprise – Service Availability

  • Services- High Availability
  • L2/L3/L4 Redundancy
  • Redundancy testing: link, device, interface failure simulations

6) WAN in Enterprise

  • Branch connectivity – WAN/VPN/Leased Lines/Dark fibers/Internet – outlook
  • Routing in WAN
  • IPsec VPNs example
  • Securing LAN/WAN – fundamentals
  • Network hardening basics

7) Internet Edge in Enterprise

  • Internet Edge. Designs, solutions, platforms
  • DMZ
  • Firewalling stateless, Statefull, ACL, NAT
  • Are above methods enough today? Malware, DDoS, Social Engineering

8) Data Center (This module is optional)

  • Core components in DataCenter (storage, dc networking, compute, virtualization)
  • storage SAN/NAS fundamentals
  • DC networking fundamentals (based on Cisco Nexus switch – vpc, jumbo frames etc.)
  • Compute (rack vs blades cons&prons)
  • Virtualization basics (vmware vsphere, Microsoft hyper-v)
  • Software Defined Storage systems -> Hyperflex/Nutanix/vSAN etc.
  • Software Defined Networking -> NSX
  • DR & backup fundamentals (veeam,zerto, hardware storage replication – netapp metrocluster)

9) Wireless Access

  • Wireless access: models / techniques
  • Wireless: design, implement, management
  • Radius/Active Directory/802.1x, enterprise services basics
  • Don’t forget about guests: Corporate Guest Access and BYOD tendency
  • Wireless networks threats.

10) Q&A and course summary

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