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  • IoT Engineering

    We research, design, and prototype IoT solutions.

    IoT Engineering

    IoT Souly

    Souly IoT platform is built for the scale of IoT

    You can imagine that Souly can handle millions of requests per seconds per each cloud IoT broker which can be further scaled. Souly IoT platform is designed to handle multi-tenancy traffic.

    Souly IoT has 4 main components:

    • 1. Souly IoT Cloud that gathers and manages data
    • 2. Soulbox IoT Devices that are gateways between any sensors, actors, and Souly IoT Cloud, they are also WiFi Access Points for users
    • 3. Souly Mobile App that is 21st-century remote controller for end users
    • 4. Souly API that enables the development of your project case under the Souly umbrella

    Imagine your project and start using Souly with Souly API

    We write the Souly platform to be used for many different purposes. You can become a vendor of your own IoT devices and start selling your solution. You have access to Souly cloud API, you can also customize dashboards, mobile apps for your special project.

    Imagine your project and hire us to deliver the best quality!

    You can think of any business case,  any market niche like smart homes, heating control, metering, managed WiFi networks for your users, and any hardware solution for agriculture, industrial, government, healthcare, content marketing, or retail. Souly team of electronic, software, and network engineers can take care of your project and improve it, focusing strictly on your needs.

    What have we already done based on the Souly platform?

    • Smart Student Dormitory in Poland
    • Students use Souly Mobile App for controlling the temperature in rooms
    • Souly verifies the client’s presence in the room
    • The building owner is saving money on eco mode when a student is outside in winter
    • The building owner is secured by switching off the cookers automatically when a student is outside the room

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