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  • New IT solutions for business Grandmetric 2023 offering  

    New IT solutions for business Grandmetric 2023 offering  

    Date: 31.05.2023

    As consulting engineers, we’ve had the opportunity to work with various small and medium-sized companies over the years. One thing that’s become increasingly clear is that in order to thrive in today’s digital landscape, businesses need the right technology partners and solutions to support them. 

    That’s why I’m excited to share with you some new IT solutions for business in our offering that can help your company do just that.  

    Our refreshed offering includes partnerships with top vendors and new solutions from existing partners, all designed to help to transform organisations stay ahead of the game. 

    One of the major benefits of these new partnerships is access to cutting-edge technologies that were previously out of reach for many smaller businesses. With the right tools and resources, you can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately boost your bottom line. 

    Sophos cybersecurity 

    One of the key new partnerships we’re excited to announce is with Sophos, a leader in cybersecurity solutions. Here are three of Sophos’ offerings that we believe are particularly valuable for medium enterprises. 

    Sophos partner

    Sophos Intercept X 

    Intercept X is a next-generation endpoint protection solution that uses advanced techniques like deep learning and behavioral analysis to proactively detect and stop threats before they can do any damage. This is especially important for medium enterprises, which may not have the resources to mount a full-scale response to a successful cyberattack. With Intercept X, you can rest assured that your endpoints are protected against even the most advanced threats. 

    Sophos intercept XDR new in Grandmetric IT solutions for business

    What features does Intercept X contain? 

    • EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response 
    • XDR – Extended Detection and Response 
    • Anti-Ransomware 
    • Deep Learning Technology 
    • Exploit Prevention 
    • MDR – Managed Detection and Response 
    • Active Adversary Mitigations 
    • Central Management 
    • Zero Trust Access Network 

    Sophos XG Firewall 

    XG Firewall is a powerful network security solution that provides granular control over traffic and applications, as well as robust protection against both known and unknown threats. For medium enterprises, this means you can have peace of mind knowing that your network is secure, even as your business grows and evolves. Plus, XG Firewall is easy to manage and deploy, making it a great choice for businesses that need powerful security without complexity. 

    Check how Next Generation Firewalls can help you better protect your internet edge.

    Sophos XG Firewall new in Grandmetric offering

    NACVIEW – a new face of NAC 

    NACVIEW partner

    Another exciting addition to our offerings is NACVIEW, a Network Access Control (NAC) solution designed to help medium enterprises secure their network by controlling access to their resources.  

    Here are three benefits of NACVIEW for medium enterprises: 

    1. Improved Network Visibility: NACVIEW provides real-time visibility into all devices connected to your network, enabling you to identify and manage them more effectively. This can be especially important for enterprises that may have a large number of devices to manage and limited resources to do so. With NACVIEW, you can quickly detect and respond to any unauthorized or suspicious activity on your network. 
    1. Enhanced Security: NACVIEW offers a range of security features, including the ability to enforce policies that restrict access to sensitive resources based on a user’s role, device type, and other criteria. This can help prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of data breaches or other security incidents. Additionally, NACVIEW can integrate with other security solutions to provide a comprehensive defence against threats. 
    1. Vendor-agnostic: As one of the few IT solutions for business worldwide, NACVIEW supports network devices of all vendors. It gives true flexibility and reduces the costs of potential equipment swapping. 

    Learn more about NAC systems and control who, when, and where gets access to your precious network resources.

    Overall, NACVIEW is a powerful NAC solution that can help enterprises take control of their network and ensure the security of their resources. By providing enhanced visibility, security, and compliance capabilities, NACVIEW protects against the growing threat of cyber attacks. 

    Collaboration made easy and Neat  

    We’re also excited to announce our partnership with Neat, a Norwegian company that offers top-quality conference equipment designed to help businesses communicate more effectively, whether in the office or on the go.  

    Neat partner

    Whether it’s collaborating with remote team members, hosting a virtual client meeting, or participating in a conference from a noisy location, Neat’s IT solutions for business provide high-quality audio and video, making it easy to stay connected and productive.  

    Here are three of Neat’s best products and their qualities. 

    Neat Board 

    As the producer describes, Neat Board is the complete meeting room package in a simple and elegant all-in-one device. With its immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio system and a versatile wide-angle camera, Neat Board gives you a collaboration experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding. 

    neat board connects with MS Teams

    Neat Bar 

    The Neat Bar is an all-in-one video conferencing solution that combines a 4K camera, microphone array, and speaker into a single device. It’s easy to set up and use, and it delivers crystal-clear audio and video quality, making it ideal for medium enterprises that need to collaborate with colleagues and clients around the world. The Neat Bar also integrates with a range of video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 

    neat bar new in Grandmetric offering

    Neat Pad 

    The Neat Pad is a portable device that enables you to set up a professional-quality video conference anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack or briefcase, yet it delivers high-quality audio and video, thanks to its 4K camera and microphone array. The Neat Pad is perfect for medium enterprises that need to collaborate with remote team members or clients, or for those who frequently travel for business. 

    neat pad conferencing new in Grandmetric offering
    neat pad conferencing with ms teams new in Grandmetric offering

    Neat Sense 

    Neat Sense is a smart sensor that enhances the audio quality of your video conferences by removing background noise and automatically adjusting the volume levels of individual speakers. This can be particularly helpful for medium enterprises that operate in noisy environments, such as open-plan offices or manufacturing facilities. With Neat Sense, you can ensure that everyone on the call is heard clearly, regardless of their location or background noise. 

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, having reliable and effective communication tools can be the difference between success and failure, and Neat’s conference equipment is a valuable addition to any medium enterprise’s technology arsenal. 

    Check how we design secure communication for hybrid workplace

    innovaphone – innovation in IP Telephony 

    That’s not all when it comes to new collaboration IT solutions for business in our offer. This year, we also established partnership with innovaphone, a leading provider of IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC) solutions.  

    innovaphone’s solutions are designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline their communication processes while maintaining high levels of security and flexibility.  

    Here are five of the most suitable solutions from innovaphone’s portfolio: 

    IP PBX 

    innovaphone’s IP PBX is a software-based telephone system that enables enterprises to manage their entire telephony system in a single, easy-to-use interface. The IP PBX provides a large range of features, including call forwarding, voicemail, call routing, and more. It’s highly scalable, making it ideal for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth. 

    IP PBX by innovaphone new in Grandmetric offering

    IP Phones 

    innovaphone’s range of IP phones offers high-quality audio and a range of features, including touchscreens, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. The phones are designed to work seamlessly with innovaphone’s other IT solutions for business, ensuring that users have a reliable and efficient communication experience. 

    innovaphone IP Phones new in Grandmetric offering


    innovaphone’s gateways provide a secure and flexible way to connect IP telephony systems to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The gateways support a range of interfaces, including ISDN, analogue, and GSM, and can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures. 

    innovaphone gateway

    innovaphone Conferencing 

    innovaphone’s conference system is a high-quality, scalable solution that enables businesses and enterprises to conduct professional video conferences and virtual meetings with ease. The system offers a range of features, including screen sharing, recording, and more, connecting multiple participants from different locations. 

    UCC Client new in Grandmetric offering

    UCC Client innovaphone myApps 

    The UCC client innovaphone myApps is a powerful tool that enables users to access all of their communication channels, including voice, video, instant messaging, and more, from a single interface. The UCC client is available for desktop and mobile devices (either natively or browser-based), making it easy for users to stay connected and productive no matter where they are. 

    One of the key benefits of innovaphone’s IT solutions for business is their focus on security and flexibility. Whether it’s managing telephony systems, accessing communication channels, or conducting video conferences, innovaphone’s solutions are a valuable addition to any medium enterprise’s communication infrastructure. 

    Buy IT solutions for business from Grandmetric  

    Grandmetric has carefully chosen these partnerships and solutions with small and medium companies in mind. That means we’ve focused on affordability, scalability, and ease of use so that even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of these innovations without breaking the bank or getting bogged down in complex implementation processes. 

    But it’s not just about the technology itself.  

    In short, our refreshed offerings are all about empowering small and medium companies to compete in today’s digital landscape. So if you’re looking for the right partners and IT solutions for business that will help you take your business to the next level, look no further. Stay tuned for more information on the specific partnerships and solutions we’re excited to bring to the table. 


    Joanna Sajkowska

    Experienced in the areas of portfolio management, communication strategy and technical content. Backed by her background in Systems Engineering and business development, Joanna puts focus on translating features into benefits and showcasing the unique values of Grandmetric products and services.

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