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Network Design and Operations Team Experience

Grandmetric CertificatesGrandmetric network engineers have not only wide range of industry certificates from Cisco’s CCDE, CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, Fortinet, Microsoft that proof their knowledge but also have huge experience in network integration services. Their design expertize and hands on skills were a must doing network design and implementation projects across the globe for companies of different sizes and industry sectors. This includes but is not limited to enterprises, healthcare, Internet Service Providers and national telecoms like Orange, Verizon, T-Systems and world’s biggest vendors like IBM or Cisco to name a few. During those times they operated on network structures of huge complexity, reliability and traffic loads making their decisions worth sometimes millions of dollars. Thanks to the work in the field and on live organisms they provide today confidence in work under high stressful conditions, highest level of attention in making important infrastructureal changes and foreseeing of the causal links.


How do we design and implement networks?


  • Project planning and preparations


The first stage of every project is always the customer business case analyse and good project plan. This plan includes the services descriptions gathering and customer expectations, High Level Design “first drawing” and engineering workforce estimation. At the end the bill of materials like,  software, hardware and licensing readiness preparations. We always dedicate the Project Manager who was born in engineering atmosphere to better handle technical cases.



  • Design

After all details are set and engineers ready, we start with the network design process which includes the global addressing plan writing, feature availability and OS verification, systems interoperability readiness and documentation. Then Low Level Design (LLD) with configuration details are written. Design is always connected strictly with customer which is the final decision maker instance. The status of particular design phases are always reported with summary to the customer. A the and we report and present LLD to customer. After the acceptance we can move forward to the implementation phase



  • Implementation

The implementation phase is the execution of previously designed network. So, in short when the design is kind of state of art (and we aim that every project should be) the implemenation engineers configure, code and integrate well on scheduled time. Sometimes they are bugs found, and other interop issues but our field engineers then show the expertize. This os not a challenge to configure the device according to config guide. The challenge is to make the whole system work together and explain the behavior where it needs to be explained.



Grandmetric projects in SDN era.

Grandmetric, polish pioneer in SDN and SD-WAN projects believes that 21th century’s project are not only about network and hardware but also about deep integration, extended analytics, software and cloud systems. This leads to approach that our engineering “tiger team” consits of software and even electronic architects that are able to respond to world’s most demanding projects.

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