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  • IBM solutions

    Safe, reliable, efficient

    It is difficult to imagine a modern enterprise without an appropriate information security management system covering storage, backup and detailing the process of recovering lost data.

    We offer our clients a wide range of services and equipment based on IBM products. Our main focus is on data storage, security and recovery. We not only support recipients in implementing modern solutions but also advise and select them in such a way that they best fit the company’s long-term strategy.

    Serwery IBM

    Who will benefit from IBM solutions best?

    IBM is synonymous with reliability and efficiency. Therefore, IBM servers and arrays will prove useful in demanding environments, where maintaining business continuity is critical.

    Check how we technologically support production companies

    At Grandmetric, we comprehensively create security systems in the recovery area. To do this, we will provide you with a robustly customized backup system that complies with rigorous security and quality standards. Thanks to this, even in crisis situations or in the event of a serious failure, you will maintain access to key information.

    Make sure your organization is resilient and ready for hybrid cloud, big data, artificial intelligence – and everything that comes next.

    Meraki w fabryce, IBM servers

    IBM Power Servers are suitable for business-critical environments and will protect your organization against unplanned downtime.

    IBM Storage solutions effectively integrate various sources of information, enabling automation and full data analysis, while reducing overall expenses.

    Disaster Recovery solutions will support organizations that need efficient data recovery from multiple places (local and in the cloud) after failures or ransomware attacks.

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    Why IBM solutions?

    Elimination of unplanned downtime

    Particularly important in manufacturing companies where stopping production and restarting it is associated with high losses.

    Simplifying IT processes

    The time savings resulting from automation, speed of operation and application installation will free the IT team to focus on other tasks.

    Easy data recovery

    Thanks to IBM solutions, you can easily restore data even if your organization is hit by a ransomware attack.


    IBM servers have reliable Power Risk processors, which were placed in the Mars rover!

    The use of AI

    IBM servers allow you to use artificial intelligence to train models on GPU cards or in the cloud

    IBM Servers and IBM Storage - the optimal choice for demanding customers

    IBM Servers with Power System

    Tailored to the growing requirements of enterprises, they ensure corporate quality and scalable infrastructure.

    • Enterprise servers – IBM servers with significant capabilities, ensuring security and enabling automation, which opens wide prospects for managing the cloud environment using the OpenStack platform. They also have the necessary flexibility to efficiently transition to cloud solutions.
    • Horizontally scalable servers – Innovation and flexibility for the cloud environment – thanks to the built-in PowerVM virtualization mechanism, they enable easy horizontal scaling.
    • GPU-accelerated servers – Fast and scalable infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) – a platform with built-in GPU acceleration that accelerates deployment and reduces inference time.

    IBM servers from the IBM Power System series

    IBM Storage Flashsystem

    It’s a complex ecosystem that allows you to store data in flash memory. These arrays are capable of reading data at speeds ranging from 12GB to 100GB per second and with response times of less than 50 microseconds. They work perfectly with SAP and Oracle solutions as servers or databases. Their versatility means they can be used in any type of organization.

    • Advanced analytics – performance, constant latency, easy data access and environment mobility provide analytical programs with uninterrupted access to data, allowing them to operate quickly and accurately even in the case of complex simulations and predictions.
    • Security – Using super-fast AllFlash storage and machine learning, it is possible to almost immediately detect data anomalies and send a notification.
    • Collocation or cloud – storing data in multiple places ensures that it will be possible to recover it even if one of the suppliers is not up to the task.
    IBM FlashSystem wybrane modele

    Selected IBM FlashSystem storage

    Backup i data recovery with IBM Storage Protect

    Available in on-premise and public cloud versions, the software, operating on the principle of software-defined storage, allows you to safely store data and, if necessary, quickly recover it.

    This solution allows for:

    • Effective use of existing hardware,
    • Full scalability, limited only by infrastructure capabilities,
    • Maintaining a high level of security through two-step authentication, encryption, security notifications, and preventing data from being overwritten,
    • Easy data transfer within the infrastructure,
    • Flexible automation of the backup process and storage of older versions.

    IBM Storage Protect is compatible with any operating system and easily integrates not only with IBM solutions but also with solutions from other vendors.

    IBM Storage Protect

    High Availability and Disaster Recovery with IBM DS8000

    Dedicated to enterprise clients, and designed using the most advanced processor, it is the fastest, most reliable and most secure information storage system. It is suitable both for storing data critical to the organization and for teams that expect the fastest possible solutions.

    • High availability and disaster recovery – HyperSwap technology and data distribution in many IBM locations allows for almost lossless and instant recovery of the system after it is turned off.
    • Security at the highest level – hundreds of backup copies that cannot be overwritten effectively protect against malware or human errors. This is the highest possible level of application of the Zero Trust policy.
    • Automation – administrators can automate processes and manage all events from an advanced interface. The system itself identifies and transfers unused data to large-capacity drives, making room for the most important ones.

    IBM DS8900F

    Installation, configuration, and more

    Some real benefits – simplicity, reliability, cost savings, peace of mind and increased productivity. We’re committed to making your IT journey easy and efficient, allowing you to focus on what really matters – the growth and success of your production.

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