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About our new training: “Enterprise Wireless Advanced”

About our new training: “Enterprise Wireless Advanced”


Enterprise Wireless_Advanced

The time has come to present our youngest initiative, a training course that binds together the two worlds – “Wireless” and “Networking”.

Why this training is different?

This unique course combines the theoretical foundations for the wireless transmission and Wireless LAN standards, together with the practical aspects ranging from measurement, planning and troubleshooting activities, to network design and configuration of CISCO network devices. After this course, you will understand how: radio system, access mechanisms and WiFi security work, and have the skills required to plan, design, configure and troubleshoot a real network. This course’s uniqueness is also due to blending the knowledge and expertise of two professional trainers, one focusing solely on the radio systems research and development, and the other having vast experience in the network design and configuration and holding numerous CISCO certificates.

What inspired us to design such a training?

The idea for this training, came up during discussions with our clients about the CISCO Wireless technology. We understood that showing the aspects of the wireless networks configuration and troubleshooting in those networks, without understanding the basics of radio transmission and effects of the radio channel, will not be enough for the participants to design and manage those systems in an efficient way. From those discussions we could conclude that people working daily with maintenance of enterprise networks usually are skilled from IP and security fields, while lacking knowledge from radio systems, and this is exactly how we focused during the preparation of this course’s agenda.

What aspects are we speaking about in this course?

We start the course by explaining radio transmission and radio channel basics, including aspects such as: frequency and spectrum, signal characteristics, transmitter and receiver, antennas and MIMO transmission, multipath, pathloss, shadowing, interference, coding, modulation and transmission schemes like, DSSS, OFDM or CSMA. The common denominator for all those aspects is WiFi, meaning that during explanation of a given aspect we provide practical parameters and implications especially for Wireless LAN. After explaining on how radio works, we switch to nomenclature, standards and basics of WiFi speaking on aspects such as: MAC layer, medium sensing, hidden node problem, listen-before-talk mechanism, collisions, backoff and many more. Next, we guide the participants through the WLAN network access procedure together with potential threats to network security. After the introduction, we discuss different protection methods, together with pros and cons.  The next areas of the training include the basics of the design and planning of radio networks, measurements and troubleshooting of typical problems in those networks. After getting all those theoretical baselines, we move to the design and configuration of a real-life WLAN network based on CISCO devices and then to carrying out this network’s measurements and troubleshooting in the given test scenarios.


To get the detailed agenda, click here.

To get the info on when and where the next training is taking place, click here (in Polish).

You can see example training materials below.

wireless Shadowing

Enterprise Wireless Advanced




Cisco Wireless

Cisco Wireless


Marcin Dryjanski, Ph.D.

Marcin Dryjanski received his Ph.D. in telecommunications from the Poznan University of Technology in September 2019. During the past 12 years, Marcin has served as R&D Engineer, Lead Researcher, R&D Consultant, Technical Trainer, Technical Leader and Board Member. He has been providing expert-level courses in the area of 5G/LTE/LTE-Advanced for leading mobile operators and vendors. In addition to that, Marcin was a work-package leader in EU-funded research projects aiming at radio interface design for 5G including FP-7 5GNOW and FP-7 SOLDER. He co-authored a number of research papers targeting 5G radio interface design and a book "From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G" published by Artech House. Marcin is co-founder of Grandmetric and co-founder and CEO at RIMEDO Labs. You can reach Marcin at

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