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  • Test Cisco ISE. See who and what can access your network.

    Test Cisco ISE. See who and what can access your network.

    Do you provide access to services in multiple locations? Do your employees connect to the network from different places and devices? Do you use a distributed IoT, wireless, printer or sensor infrastructure? Provide secure, fully controlled access to resources with Cisco ISE.

    Test Cisco ISE with free 90-day access to the full version, with the support of Grandmetric engineers.

    Use 100% of Cisco ISE capabilities

    See for yourself what real Zero-Trust can look like

    Decide after 90 days, whether to buy a license or opt out

    Get full information on who uses your corporate network. Test Cisco ISE to collect and analyze contextual data about all users – internal and external.

    Provide secure guest access for partners, clients, contractors and all other users who should not have access to your resources.

    Observe in real-time what devices are used by people connecting to your network. Control access according to company policy.

    How does Cisco ISE work?

    I don’t know anyone who has given up on the NAC system, and ISE is one of the best NACs I’ve worked with.

    Krzysztof Osmałek, Advanced Services Team Lead

    Why test Cisco ISE?


    ROI in first 3 years


    less incidents related to network access


    less NetOps load due to automation

    Accurate control

    Setting rules in ISE is very granular and gives you great configuration possibilities. ISE profiles not only basic but also detailed data about endpoints. On this basis, the administrator can set more granular security policies and make them dependent on the type of device.

    Convenience for the administrator

    The dashboard is pleasant, intuitive and, above all, it is easy to arrange rules related to politics. A whole range of filters allows you to easily browse the events you are interested in, and a dedicated search engine will lead you straight to your destination.

    Rich integrations

    Cisco ISE has been designed as the heart of the entire security system. It has built-in central policies and works great with all Cisco products and products based on the pxGrid protocol.

    Can be installed on virtual machines

    The use of virtual machines and the ability to scale make the system stable and redundant.

    Start 90-day access to Cisco ISE and gain full control over your network

    Guest access

    Wired and wireless access control

    Threat control in the pxGrid ecosystem

    Bring Your Own Device Policy

    Profiling and Posture Assessment

    Endpoint Isolation


    Test Cisco ISE full version for 90 days for free

    No obligation. Supported by a Grandmetric engineer during setup.

    Marcin Biały advisory architect Grandmetric. Test Cisco ISE

    Habit scenarios, knowledge of best practices and awareness of risks are the huge added value that our engineers bring to cooperation.

    Marcin Biały, Advisory Architect, Grandmetric

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