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  • Palo Alto Networks Solutions

    Focus on security

    Sprzedaż sprzętu Palo alto

    The heart of California brings together the world’s leading technology companies and one of them is Palo Alto Networks – a provider of cybersecurity solutions supporting companies in going through the fourth industrial revolution.

    Next to, among others: Cisco or Fortinet, we can also be proud of being a certified partner of Palo Alto Networks solutions. For our new and regular customers, this means favourable terms of cooperation, but above all, high availability of our services. An officially approved partnership guarantees the experience, skills and knowledge of the Grandmetric team.

    Why Palo Alto Networks solutions?

    Unlike providers of a similar class, which also include network products in their strategy, Palo Alto Networks solutions focus only on security issues. This strong specialization enables the creation of solutions aimed at solving specific problems, continuous search for improvements, continuity of support and constant development.

    The use of Palo Alto Network solutions should be considered primarily by large and medium-sized companies that are planning or currently deciding on digital transformation. The American supplier places great emphasis on supporting organizations on their path to the future.

    Multilevel protection

    This is a 7-layer protection model, which consists of hardware and software. It covers every element of the network, from physical security to the application layer at the end user.

    Zero-Trust Policy

    Palo Alto Networks solutions create a coherent ecosystem that enables the introduction of a tight no-trust policy based on the best standards.

    Incident prevention

    Inline Cloud Analysis uses cloud infrastructure to scan the network for threats, so it can operate in real-time and immediately detect suspicious behaviour or code fragments.

    Unrivalled network bandwidth

    By separating management and data plane, Palo Alto Networks firewalls do not burden the main processor with administrative tasks. They have a separate, physical computing system for this.

    Identification and protection of applications on the network

    Palo Alto experts create new application signatures for you every day, so you can always be sure that an application approved for use on the network will work correctly and safely.

    Global Protect

    This is the best implementation of remote access and posture assessment on the market. In short: think of a remote access protection scenario and Global Protect can handle it.

    Palo Alto Firewall - you shall not pass

    Among top-shelf manufacturers, individual solutions, although at first glance they differ in purpose, scope and price list are nuances and it is difficult to find those that stand out from the others. In the case of Palo Alto, innovation and unconventional approach mean that some products deserve special attention.

    Next-Generation Firewall

    Physical protection in the form of firewalls has been available for a long time, but the progress of technology and with it the development of cyber threats require manufacturers to approach the problem in a completely new way. Palo Alto Networks entered the path of innovation by designing its own Next-Generation Firewall. The use of artificial intelligence and a unique single-pass architecture means that the effectiveness of attacks decreased by over 45% during tests.

    Other benefits include:

    • High bandwidth (up to 1500GBs)
    • PoE, mGii and optical ports
    • Thanks to many configuration options and compact construction, they take up little space and can be used in the on-premise or cloud model.
    • Ability to detect software vulnerabilities and stop zero-day attacks.

    If you’re interested in firewall solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, check out our guide that thoroughly compares the best providers in the cybersecurity industry.

    Palo Alto Networks Solutions Firewall Series

    Palo Alto Networks solutions – Firewalls

    Firewall review from Palo Alto Networks

    Grandmetric offers a full range of Palo Alto Networks firewalls:

    • PA-7000 Series – dedicated to large organizations such as data centers or virtual service providers. It ensures high throughput, a high level of protection and a low failure rate. Suitable for the financial or medical sector.
    • PA-5450 – offers high bandwidth, suitable for use in data centers, and in a compact size. Thanks to its modular structure, it is easily scalable.
    • PA-5400 Series – uses modern technology and ensures a high level of application security by preventing zero-day attacks. High bandwidth allows for use by multiple end users.
    • PA-3400 Series – a rack-mountable firewall for confined spaces. The use of machine learning ensures effective prevention and detection of problems.
    • PA-1400 Series – has various types of ports (PoE, VSYS, mGig and optical), ideal for use in a smaller company spread over a large area.
    • PA-400 Series – low energy consumption allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and, at the same time, maintenance costs. This does not mean a reduction in the level of protection, which is as high as in other Palo Alto solutions.
    • PA-220R – the smallest of the new generation firewalls, but resistant to extreme weather and physical conditions. It is perfect for manufacturing, processing, construction companies, power plants, etc.

    Panorama Firewall Management Center

    One software to manage all your firewalls. Panorama is a modern and user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor the operation of firewalls and other tools ensuring your company’s security.


    • Simplified configuration
    • Automation of response to threats
    • High visibility of processes at every stage
    • Almost unlimited scalability of the devices you see
    • Very easy to maintain and update
    • Cooperation with devices from other vendors
    Panorama Palo Alto Networks - automated threat response
    Panorama Palo Alto Networks - visibility
    Panorama Palo Alto Networks - skalowalność

    Panorama views – the central Firewall management system. Source: Palo Alto Networks

    Global Protect

    Global Protect

    As remote work has become normalized, the demand for a stable and secure VPN client has increased. Palo Alto Networks responded to this need by creating a solution that is unique in its class. What is unique about it?

    • Access control based on user identity
    • Assessment and monitoring of the device for compliance with the zero-trust policy and potential threats
    • Full control is in the hands of administrators who can set the rules themselves
    • Total visibility across all applications, ports and protocols.
    • Transparent data from user traffic.

    Order, install, and configure Palo Alto Networks solutions with Grandmetric

    it integration process delivery

    We will support you throughout the entire project cycle – from network and security design, through efficient hardware delivery and professional implementation under the supervision of a project manager.

    We want the implementation to be effective and efficient, allowing you to focus on what’s important – the development and success of your organization.

    Security implementation with Palo Alto Networks solutions

    We realize that trust builds over time. Therefore, to give our clients confirmation of our experience, knowledge and skills, both as a company and individual experts, we obtain further technical and project management certificates.

    As network experts, we approach the issue of cybersecurity holistically, paying attention not only to the level of protection but also to efficiency and reliability. Our experts will design and implement cybersecurity systems from scratch and make sure that threats do not lurk from elsewhere.

    Thanks to cooperation with many partners, we do not limit ourselves to only one type of solution. If you are not sure what will work best for you, we will help you choose the protection that fits into your strategy.

    Free consulting

    We cooperate with our clients not only in the field of protection but also in network design and auditing. Thanks to our own experience, we know non-standard applications and possible gaps in protection. We can not only propose solutions that are compatible with the current network but also find possible areas for improvement.

    If you want to learn more about Palo Alto Networks solutions or are looking for appropriate security for your network – contact us!

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      Karol Goliszewski Grandmetric

      Palo Alto firewalls mean unwavering network bandwidth available in every situation and the comfort of device management – even when you are squeezing the last megahertz from the main processor.

      Karol Goliszewski, Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric