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  • Grandmetric partners with The Jacob of Paradies University

    Grandmetric partners with The Jacob of Paradies University


    Science and Technology in Tandem? Absolutely!

    With pride, we announce a partnership with the Jakub of Paradyż Academy (AJP) 🤝.

    We extend our gratitude to the authorities and faculty of the Technical Department: Dean Aleksandra Radomska-Zalas for her openness to collaboration and pursuit of new educational stimuli for students, and Vice-Rector Łukasz Lemieszewski for his passion for networking and teleinformatics topics.

    Why do we, as a private company, see value in collaborating with an academic institution? There are several reasons:

    ✅ AJP is a young but dynamically developing educational center. The university administration is committed to building modern laboratories and conducting research. We see great energy and a willingness to act there!

    ✅ Through projects with companies of various scales, we understand which specialized areas are particularly valued and sought after by the job market.

    ✅ Together, we can provide students with professional opportunities and a head start in the job market. It’s an excellent chance to identify and nurture young talents.

    ✅ We can undertake research projects focused on solving specific problems. The outcomes of these efforts contribute to industry development and allow students to participate in real-world projects.

    We look forward to collaborative endeavors in 2024 and beyond. 🌟

    AJP Grandmetric Partnership