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Grandmetric LLC
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  • Grandmetric with Environmental Sustainability Specialization

    Grandmetric with Environmental Sustainability Specialization


    We’re happy to announce that Grandmetric has become an Environmental Sustainability Certified Partner.

    With this in hand, we can lead the full decommissioning cycle of our client’s hardware:

    👉 deinstall it

    👉 wipe the data securely

    👉 send it to #Cisco for recycling


    By fulfilling the requirements, we are adding our share to more sustainable and green IT. It also gives us an open door to Cisco Takeback Incentive. Only certified partners are eligible to collect used hardware and send it for recycling for free.

    A deal breaker is that not only Cisco products can be collected, but also all competitor technology products. Meraki, however, has its separate process.


    Check out our other superpowers – visit Grandmetric certification page.


    Environmental Sustainability Specialized