Advanced Enterprise Wireless Course

Advanced Enterprise Wireless Course

About this course:

This advanced enterprise wireless course combines the theoretical foundations of wireless transmission, and Wireless LAN standards together with the practical aspects ranging from measurement, planning and troubleshooting activities, to network design and configuration of the CISCO network devices. After this course, you will understand how radio system works and you will be able to plan, design, configure and troubleshoot a real network.

This course’s uniqueness is also due to blending the knowledge and expertise of two partitioning trainers, one focusing solely on the radio systems research and development, and the other having vast experience in the network design and configuration and holding numerous CISCO certificates.


Module 1: Wireless systems and radio transmission

  • Introduction to wireless: mobile and fixed radio systems and evolution,
  • Radio system overview: frequency, spectrum, transmitter, receiver, radio channel, antennas, MIMO
  • Radio channel details: pathloss, shadowing, multipath, noise, interference
  • Radio transmission aspects: channel coding, modulation, transmission schemes (TDM, FDM, OFDM),

Module 2: WiFi

  • Wireless LAN evolution and WiFi standards overview
  • Legacy WiFi: IEEE802.11a/b/g
  • Currently used standards: IEEE802.11n/ac

Module 3: Wireless measurement tools 

  • Tool & WiFi standards
  • WiFi Planning best practice
  • Radio measuring
  • Troubleshooting

Module 4: Cisco Wireless configuration

  • Wireless Controller: modes of operation, radio operations
  • Access points: licensing, provisioning and support
  • AP modes: Flex Connect, Local, Traffic switching: Local, Central
  • Controller interfaces, provisioning
  • Basic WLAN configuration
  • Radio Tuning, power levels, troubleshooting
  • AP Groups, Security
  • Wireless 802.1x configuration (AAA)
  • Guest Access with WLC, Guest Access with ISE
  • Wireless Solution management

Module 5: Q&A and course summary

  • Q&A session
  • Course summary
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