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  • Sophos solutions for companies

    Security for organizations of all sizes

    Sophos partner

    Sophos’ nearly 40-year history includes creating some of the first network security from the very beginning. Today, they take care of security at every stage of the connection, from hardware, through firewalls, to endpoints. The British manufacturer evolves and grows with the development of technology. It constantly introduces new innovations to its offer, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    As a Sophos partner, we can offer our customers high-end Sophos solutions at competitive prices.

    Who will benefit from Sophos solutions best?

    Companies based on remote work, wholly or partially, sales points and other units with a dispersed structure.

    Small and medium-sized companies that need solid network protection, anti-malware tools or device protection, but do not have the budget of global companies.

    Meraki w fabryce

    Industries with special security requirements and regulations, such as manufacturing, medical, financial and retail industries.

    Sophos solutions are available for every budget, for both small and large companies with specific requirements.

    They meet a number of standards and operate in accordance with standards such as NIS2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO27001 and GDPR.

    It is primarily hardware, but there is also a wide range of software – switches, access points, end device protection and next-generation firewalls, which is why it provides functionalities such as VPN and IPS as standard.

    Smaller offices can use additional security measures such as antivirus, IPS or web filtering services. It all depends on the needs of users.

    For medium to large organizations that already have their own fibre interfaces, higher bandwidth Sophos solutions are available with built-in fibre support capabilities.

    Grandmtric engineering team Sophos solutions

    In the case of Sophos, there are more benefits

    Visibility from one place

    The Sophos cloud dashboard allows you to monitor your infrastructure in one convenient panel. This is a great basis for further expansion of a secure network.

    ZTNA in practice

    Sophos ZTNA is the only zero trust network access solution that is tightly integrated with next-generation, XDR and MDR endpoints.

    Try before you buy

    Wondering if Sophos is a good choice for your organization? Start with tests. Our engineers will help you choose the right equipment model and suggest its configuration.

    Comprehensive security is always included

    Sophos Firewalls

    XG Firewall is a powerful network security solution that provides granular control over traffic and applications, as well as robust protection against known and unknown threats. For medium-sized businesses, this means peace of mind. You know your network is secure, even as your business grows and evolves.

    Additionally, the XG Series Firewall is easy to manage and deploy, making it an excellent choice for businesses that need powerful security without excessive complexity.

    XGS Firewalls from Sophos

    Sophos Intercept X for endpoint protection

    Intercept X is a next-generation endpoint protection (EDR) solution that uses advanced techniques such as deep learning and behavioral analysis to proactively detect and stop threats before they can do any damage.

    This is especially important for medium-sized enterprises, which may not have the resources to comprehensively respond to a successful cyber attack. With Intercept X, you can be sure that your endpoints are protected against even the most advanced threats.

    Sophos intercept

    Sophos Intercept X

    Prevent phishing attacks with Sophos email security

    Sophos Email uses advanced machine learning to block impersonation and Business Email Compromise attacks.

    Additionally, it scans all incoming messages for key phishing indicators, such as brand spoofing and spoofing attempts, in real time using SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication techniques and email header anomaly analysis. Detects and blocks phishing emails before they reach users.

    XDR – Extended Detection and Response

    Designed for both security analysts working in dedicated SOC teams and IT administrators handling security and other IT responsibilities, Sophos XDR is a tool for rapid detection and response to security incidents.

    It enables organizations to quickly answer critical business questions and respond remotely.

    Remote Ethernet Device

    As if the new location was still on the local network.

    The Sophos SD-RED device is unique in its field. RED to Remote Ethernet Device – allows office companies to save hundreds of zlotys on licenses and the cost of maintaining a connection with a public IP address.

    After connecting any Internet connection in the new location, RED will become an extension of layer two of the central branch of the enterprise. As if the new location was still on the local network.

    Sophos SD-RED. Source:

    Sophos Central Panel

    Regardless of the software or device you have, everything is handled by one Sophos Central panel. It is a cloud-based, intuitive interface, available to administrators from anywhere.

    There you will find detailed device data, reports, setting rules, simultaneous configuration of multiple points, managing updates, access to user applications and much more.

    Sophos Central. Source:

    Remote Ethernet Device

    Suitable for remote and home offices, small and medium-sized companies and retail chains. Sophos switches meet the connectivity needs of many organizations.

    • The 100 series models offer a 1 GE port and SFP or SFP+.
    • 200 series models are equipped with 2.5 GE and 1 GE ports and SFP+ (depending on model).
    • Each series includes models with 8, 24 and 48 ports.
    • Power overEthernet (PoE).

    Sophos access points will provide your employees and visitors with the best user experience while maintaining security, whether they use older Wi-Fi 5 technology or newer Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E technology.

    Importantly, both switches and Wi-Fi 6 access points can be conveniently managed in the Sophos Central panel.

    Sophos switches. Source:

    Sophos Wi-Fi 6 access points. Source:

    Installation, configuration and more

    it integration process delivery

    We will support you throughout the entire project cycle – from network and security design, through efficient hardware delivery and professional implementation under the supervision of a project manager.

    We want the implementation to be effective and efficient, allowing you to focus on what’s important – the development and success of your organization.

    Free consultation

    For the most inquisitive, there are online comparison sites that provide detailed diagrams, device specifications and software details. However, to obtain the most reliable information about whether the hardware or software will meet all your needs, it is worth consulting experts.

    Grandmetric are experienced, certified specialists who have years of experience in designing network infrastructure. Thanks to this, we not only know the theoretical side of projects but also have tested many items from the Sophos offer and know how to use them even in difficult conditions.

    Write to us and let's choose the product that suits you!

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      Karol Goliszewski Grandmetric

      The Sophos portfolio includes a complete ecosystem in which everyone will find something for themselves: It is worth trying out all or some of them to see that it is a strong player, both in the area of security and user experience.

      Karol Goliszewski, Consulting Engineer, Grandmetric