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    Polish solutioin, top quality

    NACVIEW solution is a Polish NAC (Network Access Control) class product that competes with industry leaders. Over the following years of its existence, it was dynamically developed, thanks to which many ailments characteristic of new systems were eliminated. Domestic customers value, above all, well-available, Polish-speaking support, while foreign customers appreciate the individual approach to the customer.

    Who is NACVIEW for?

    Both smaller companies and very large organizations can afford to invest in NACVIEW. Importantly, when making a purchase, you immediately gain access to all functionalities, regardless of whether it is a one-time purchase (perpetual license) or a subscription purchase.

    Why NACVIEW?

    Free for the SMB sector

    If you perform up to 100 authorizations per day, you can protect network access under a special free NACVIEW license.

    Polish and English management panel and support

    The language barrier disappears. This is important because although English seems to be the native language in IT, it can be a problem for the users themselves.

    License for full functionality

    All possibilities are available with the purchase of a license, and the single nature of the transaction compares very favorably with the Total Cost of Ownership in the long run.

    More than just a NAC

    At the core of NACVIEW solution is the "single pane of glass" philosophy - one place from which you can safely manage your IT infrastructure. This can be seen in the extensive menu.

    Eduroam support

    NACVIEW natively supports academic networks, which is why it is eagerly chosen by universities in Poland and Europe.

    Development as needed

    The manufacturer adds further functionalities to serve the needs of new customers. Importantly, it makes them available to all users, constantly developing the system's capabilities.

    Selected functionalities

    Single pane of glass

    NACVIEW is a combination of network access control with basic monitoring of network devices and a convenient tool for inventorying contracts, licenses and tasks.

    Within one administrator panel, you will also find DHCP functionality, DNS zone management and other functionalities that are also useful for administrators.

    It is also a syslog server, so we have access to logs from other systems in this one platform.

    What will you find on the menu?

    • Objects
    • Network
    • DNS
    • Access configuration
    • Inventory of contracts and licenses
    • Syslog
    • Reports
    • Administration

    Advanced events filtering

    According to some users, NACVIEW solution may seem a bit clumsy, but that makes it very intuitive to use.

    The first thing that catches your eye after entering the system is the multitude of available filters and preview settings. From IP addresses, device name, and user, to hardware numbers and much more.

    The whole thing is extended by the inventory module, which allows you to connect additional data, such as inventory, scans of contracts, licenses, services, organize the entire IT structure and infrastructure and have it all in one place.

    In real-time, we have access to information about who and when logged in to a given access point and switch.

    Nacview panel administratora filtrowanie


    Embedding TACACS events (Cisco technology) allows you to log in to network devices and manage privileges for individual administrators.

    This means that through the admin panel, you can authenticate the administrator when logging in to the switch, for example via the CLI, and grant him/her specific permissions without the need to log in to external platforms.


    It can be integrated with most security systems, e.g. firewalls, MDM systems, VPNs, etc. The company’s approach is a big advantage here.

    So if the client has a specific solution that he wants to integrate, the manufacturer is open to implementing the given functionality. For large producers, this is usually unprofitable.

    Eye on the endpoint

    The network monitoring module allows you to check the status of network devices.

    You can easily check whether antivirus is installed on your computer, whether the system is updated, whether encryption is enabled and whether the device itself is connected to the firewall.

    Designing an intelligent policy will allow you to create a rule that will not allow devices without an update or without a current virus database in the anti-malware system to enter the network, so as not to cause damage.

    Guest access

    The Guest access functionality is built-in to NACVIEW and available immediately, because you receive the full version of the software when purchasing it.

    Guest Access for the person generating the password is very simple. Just provide the details of the user who wants to log in and generate a password.

    NACVIEW solution supports most of the known ways of granting guest access (voucher, one-time password, SMS, captive portal).

    Implement NACVIEW with Grandmetric

    Although NACVIEW is an easy-to-install system, its configuration can be a challenge, especially for less experienced administrators. Take advantage of the support of certified professionals and be sure that the first line of security has been implemented by best practices.

    Our portfolio already includes several implementations of NAC systems. We are a partner of companies such as Cisco and Aruba. We adapt the network to the client's needs, offering not only the implementation of the NAC system but also in terms of security, staff training and hardware.

    Write to us and see if NACVIEW is for you.

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