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    Energy-saving communication solutions

    innovaphone AG is a manufacturer of tools for effective work and communication. For many years on the markets of Western Europe, it has recently been supporting Polish organizations (public and private) by providing advanced and personalized solutions in the field of Unified Communications, VoIP telephony and cloud technologies.

    innovaphone partner w Polsce

    What innovaphone solutions do we specialize in?

    Why innovaphone offering?

    Flexible solutions

    innovaphone hardware and software can be adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations, without compromising the quality of the solution.

    Flexible implementation

    All solutions can be implemented on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. It's up to you to decide which implementation model you choose.

    Flexible pricing model

    Do you prefer a cloud-based model, renting or purchasing? You can be sure that we will offer you the most appropriate solution and the best system tailored to your needs.

    We fix our devices

    innovaphone is one of the few manufacturers that directly repairs its own products. The service is consistent with the company's sustainable development philosophy and goes against the trend towards disposable products.

    Less energy consumption

    The annual energy consumption of the innovaphone conferencing and collaboration platform with PBX is 100x lower than equivalent competitive solutions.

    Smooth migration

    Smooth transition to a VoIP telephone system at every stage of implementation. Thanks to this, investment costs will be spread over time and current service contracts will remain valid. rnrn

    Communication solutions for companies and offices

    IP Telephony

    Get rid of communication restrictions!

    Multifunctional IP telephony solutions enable effective work in various locations while maintaining full reliability and flexibility. The communication process becomes simpler, and more effective and takes place in real time.

    innovaphone offering for VoIP comprises:

    • PBX gateways
    • IP phones
    • VoIP gateways
    • IP-DECT/WiFi
    telefonia VoIP

    IP-DECT / WiFi

    Wherever you need a reliable and easy-to-use communication system and solid devices offering excellent network coverage and perfectly compatible with the telephone system.

    IP-DECT and Wi-Fi phones are a perfect solution for hospitals, large warehouses and car repair shops.

    Phones for companies with special requirements:

    • DECT solutions enable you to create an individual local network. Thanks to this, you gain reliability and independence of the connection as well as excellent radio coverage.
    • Telephony in a Wi-Fi network means simplicity in installation and administration, as well as easy integration of “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) solutions.
    telefonia DECT

    Unified Communications

    Integrate diverse communication channels such as voice, video, messaging, conferencing tools (like video conferencing), mobile options and more into one central interface.

    Thanks to Unified Communications solutions, it is possible to optimize company processes, increase availability and improve team efficiency.

    innovaphone offering for Unified Communications comprises:

    • innovaphone myApps Cloud cloud platform
    • Anywhere Workplace – solutions for remote work
    • myApps Client – applications in one interface
    unified communications

    myApps Cloud

    Telephone system and Unified Communications solutions in one myApps platform! All this with minimal investment outlays, without burdensome installation and maintenance. Additionally, all features available in myApps come from European data centers. Updates are already included in the package, and access to individual functions is not limited compared to the traditional rental model or on-premise installation.

    With innovaphone offereing for myApps you gain:

    • classic IP telephony functions
    • modern Unified Communications features
    • numerous tools for work and administration
    • fully integrated security mechanisms
    platforma myApps innovaphone

    Security comes first

    Secure PBX gateway

    innovaphone PBX runs on a small, very fast operating system that is not susceptible to viruses, trojans or computer worms.

    Data is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring a high level of security for all connections. This is one of the reasons why the company received the “IT Security made in EU” trust mark.

    security made in UE innovaphone

    Secure remote work

    Working from anywhere challenges IT departments to ensure appropriate security measures.

    A key role in the security concepts in Anywhere Workplace scenarios is played by Reverse Proxy and Session Border Controller – SBC, which reliably protect the innovaphone system against possible attacks from the Internet.

    bezpieczeństwo pracy zdalnej

    Do you want to improve communication security in your organization?

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