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  • Fortinet solutions

    Form a Fortinet authorized reseller

    Projekty na Fortinet

    More than 700,000 customers already use Fortinet products. This much trust doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is one of the largest producers of solutions ensuring data and device security in the world.

    Grandmetric is a Fortinet authorized reseller, so our customers can also benefit from the protection measures offered by the American supplier. Our engineers have years of experience in implementing solutions, and their skills are confirmed by international certificates.

    Fortinet authorized reseller and partner

    Hardware, network and user security services from a Fortinet authorized reseller

    Fortinet solutions - affordable quality

    Cybersecurity is a never-ending race against hackers. This is gaining momentum, and experts look to the future with concern. Fortinet wins this race by offering top-class software and hardware that effectively stops external attacks. So far, they have registered almost 1,300 patents. What sets Fortinet apart from similar producers?

    Quality to Price Ratio

    Fortinet services, although not cheap, still compare favourably with the competition. Additionally, the scope of protection offered at a given price is very wide.

    Security Fabric

    Granular protection and the use of modern technology ensure that malware or security breaches are quickly detected and suspicious devices are isolated.


    Automation and decentralization make the protection core resistant to failures and can operate without major interruptions.

    Friendly UX

    The clear interface of the software makes it very easy to use.


    It allows you to automate processes and reduces the risk of making mistakes. Advanced algorithms also help detect threats and quickly neutralize them.


    If you don’t want to invest blindly, you can use the trial period or demo version.

    Who are Fortinet solutions for?

    Due to the pricing plan, Fortinet solutions will be used in medium and large companies that care about their security. Everyone needs protection, so they will fulfil their purpose regardless of the industry.

    It is primarily hardware, but there is also a wide range of software – switches, access points, end device protection and next-generation firewalls, which is why it provides functionalities such as VPN and IPS as standard.

    Comprehensive security always included

    Of the entire range of services we offer as Fortinet authorized reseller, our specialization in the selection and configuration of network security solutions has been of particular interest to our customers so far.

    FortiGate – Next-Generation Firewalls

    New types of threats require a completely new approach to protection, which is why Fortinet chose next-gen firewalls, which are their flagship product.

    These are highly scalable solutions that can be installed anywhere, in the on-premise, cloud or hybrid model, and the use of pioneering technologies allows them to be one step ahead of cybercriminals. sometimes, they also bring measurable financial savings.

    FortiGate ensures:

    • Native integration with Zero Trust policy
    • The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • The best WAN and LAN protection available
    • The basis is FortiOS, which provides excellent visibility and facilitates protection management.

    The effectiveness of the FortiGate Firewall was confirmed by independent tests in the CyberRatings 2023 Enterprise Firewall Report. Fortigate 600F achieved an efficiency of 99.88%*.

    *Tested how it deals with TLS/SSL 1.2 and 1.3 cypher suites, how it defends against 1,724 exploits and nearly 1.5 thousand bypasses, and whether the device remains stable in unfavourable conditions. The FortiGate 600F also achieved a AAA rating in the categories

    • Routing & Access Control
    • SSL/TLS Functionality
    • Threat Prevention
    • Stability & Reliability

    How to manage Fortinet devices?

    Comfortably. FortiManager allows you to check the status of devices and licenses and sends notifications in cases that require intervention.

    FortiManager – Fortinet infrastructure monitoring tool

    FortiGate for small networks

    FortiGate 40F to FortiGate 90F models work well in small infrastructures, securing traffic with bitrates from 600 Mbps to 2.2 Gbps.

    FortiGate 71F. Source: Fortinet

    FortiGate for campus networks

    Campus network security includes the FortiGate 100F to FortiGate 900F series, securing traffic with bitrates from 1 Gbps to 20 Gbps.

    FortiGate 601F. Source: Fortinet

    FortiGate for data center

    The most demanding environments use high-end series, in which the latest models can secure traffic up to 520 Gbps. This are series from FortiGate 1000F to FortiGate 7121F.

    FortiGate 4801F. Source: Fortinet

    Network Security

    Due to their extensive structure, large companies are particularly vulnerable to attacks. The larger the network, the more potential security vulnerabilities. This is primarily due to the large number of tracking devices, configuration and complex construction.

    High automation capabilities, granular protection and a user-friendly interface make Fortinet solutions increase the efficiency of IT teams and, in addition to saving time, also bring measurable financial savings.

    As a Fortinet authorized reseller and partner, we implement:

    • Fortigate Next-Generation Firewall
    • Forti SASE
    • FortiExtender
    • FortiProxy (SWG)

    Zero Trust implementation is possible thanks to Network Security solutions from Fortinet

    Fortinet Endpoint Security

    In the event of a hacker attack, it is important to quickly locate the malicious code and isolate it. Otherwise, it will start to spread or leave a loophole through which unauthorized people can easily get into the system. Time is of the essence here.

    Fortinet products enable rapid incident detection and rapid threat response. They run on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Google Cloud operating systems and VDI environments. They also support the detection of behavioral patterns, thanks to which any suspicious activity is immediately verified.

    EDR Fortinet products include:

    • FortiEDR Automation
    • FortiXDR
    • FortiGuard MDR
    • FortiClient
    • FortiGuard Incident Readiness Services

    FortiXDR – the only XDR solution on the market with a patent pending for the use of AI

    Enterprise Networking

    Fortinet’s combination of networking and security makes Ethernet an extension of your security infrastructure with FortiSwitch and FortiLink.

    With Fortinet Security Fabric, Fortinet offers built-in security, full end-to-end network visibility, and automated threat response.

    As part of its Enterprise Networking solutions, Fortinet offers a range of solutions for organizations with different needs:

    • Secure SD-WAN (solutions for global organizations and hybrid workplaces)
    • FortiSwitch (switches for campus networks, SD-WAN and data center)
    • FortiAP (available in models from 2×2 as in the FAP-2xx series, through 4×4 in the FAP-4xx series, up to 8×8 as in the case of FAP-831F, with internal or external antennas, using Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6)
    • FortiManager (a convenient tool for managing network infrastructure and security)

    Grandmetric is a certified Fortinet partner with SD-WAN specialization.

    Fortinet Switches

    FortiSwitch Secure Access

    Fortinet Access Points

    SD-WAN Fortinet

    Architecture of FortiSASE

    Order, install, and configure Fortinet solutions with Grandmetric

    it integration process delivery

    We will support you throughout the entire project cycle – from network and security design, through efficient hardware delivery and professional implementation under the supervision of a project manager.

    We want the implementation to be effective and efficient, allowing you to focus on what’s important – the development and success of your organization.

    Fortinet authorized reseller and partner

    Our commitment and expert knowledge have been appreciated by Fortinet and other suppliers. However, to obtain the title of partner, we had to meet several requirements confirming our readiness to provide services following the best patterns.

    Our specialists also developed their knowledge and experience with each implementation, as evidenced by our technical and project management certificates.

    Free consulting

    We cooperate with our clients not only in the field of protection but also in network design and auditing. Thanks to our own experience, we know non-standard applications and possible gaps in protection. We can not only propose solutions that are compatible with the current network but also find possible areas for improvement.

    If you want to learn more about Fortinet solutions or want to find a reliable authorized partner - contact us!

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      To ensure the highest level of security, you need good knowledge of your environment and the support of an engineer familiar with the range of Fortinet solutions to maximize the protection that the Fortinet ecosystem components can provide.

      Jakub Grzelski, Senior Systems Engineer, Grandmetric