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Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise Wireless

Our Wi-Fi design service include full scope of the enterprise wireless system design from planning and configuring of the network through the optimization and troubleshooting tasks. We can also train your team on all those aspects using our dedicated Enterprise Wireless Advanced course.

Wi-Fi Design: Network Planning & Site Survey

We visit your locations to do site survey and provide detailed plan with analysis of the AP location and antenna guidelines.


Detailed Network Design and Configuration

For the network design and configuration we use enterprise class equipment and controllers.


Wi-Fi Measurements, Troubleshooting and Optimization of Radio, Security and Network Aspects

For troubleshooting and optimization tasks, we dive into the spectral analysis, controller settings, security issues and network configuration to get the overall picture of the network from different angles.

Enterprise Wireless Advanced Training

The dedicated course on Wi-Fi systems goes through the radio systems theory, Wi-Fi standards and operation, configuring security features (e.g., ISE, 802.1x, Guest Access) and planning and optimization practices.


What if I want Grandmetric to do anything with my Wi-Fi system?

If you need us to plan, design, configure, troubleshoot your network or train your team, please contact us using the contact form.

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