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  • Server & storage solutions for companies - Dell for business

    Dell authorized partner

    autoryzowany partner Dell authorized partner

    For almost 30 years, Dell for businesses has enjoyed the quality and durability of users around the world. The most popular products include computers, laptops, and in the monitor market, Dell is currently the leader.

    However, few people know that Dell also has a wide range of advanced IT equipment designed for companies of all sizes. The creators transferred the same innovation and attention to detail to devices for storing and securing data, such as servers or storage.

    Why Dell for business?

    After testing and checking the products of many suppliers in practice, Grandmetric also appreciated solutions proposed by Dell for business, introducing them permanently to our offer. They are used every day by our clients from the public sector and the manufacturing industry.


    Solutions offered by Dell for business will be used in organizations of all sizes – from small agencies needing space to enterprise-class companies with special requirements.

    Meraki w fabryce


    The latest PowerEdge servers are designed and optimized to handle the most demanding workloads in all IT environments.

    Less power consumption

    The use of modern solutions, such as PowerEdge servers, means that energy consumption is much lower than in similar devices, reducing not only the carbon footprint, but also electricity bills.

    Dell for business - servers, storage and Disaster Recovery

    Dell Power Edge

    In the face of progressive digitization and widespread use of data, there is a need for devices that will cope with the task of collecting, processing, virtualization and providing the appropriate amount of mass storage. Dell’s answer to these challenges is PowerEdge servers. Their most important advantages are:

    • Scalability, because thanks to the modular structure, you can quickly add or remove additional devices in PnP mode.
    • Easy access to components in the event of a failure or the need to change the configuration.
    • Simple management using OpenManage Systems Management, which, in addition to device configuration and monitoring, allows you to implement automation.
    • Security with cryptographically verified hardware integrity, dynamic system locking, and reliable boot and firmware protection.

    PowerEdge XE

    This is a series dedicated to complex calculations. Those required by artificial intelligence or machine learning. They provide:

    • High performance
    • Advanced automation and simple management
    • High-quality components, guaranteeing durability and reliability

    PowerEdge XR

    PowerEdge XR servers were created for extreme operating conditions such as construction sites, stores, mobile command centers and everywhere else, apart from a dedicated server room. Features:

    • High resistance to physical and weather conditions.
    • Shock resistance.
    • Dell quality is enclosed in durable housing.
    dell for business - servers storage backup solutions data domain

    Dell Power Edge

    Dell Storage

    The world, and especially business, is moving to the cloud, which is why efficient devices are particularly important for its efficient operation. Dell is the No. 1 storage vendor and a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022 in object storage, distributed file systems, primary storage and more.

    Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022

    The storage offering of Dell for business and enterprise solutions include:

    • PowerStore
    • PowerFlex
    • PowerMax
    • PowerScale
    dell for business - servers storage backup solutions data domain

    Dell storage solutions for business


    Designed for high efficiency with minimal power consumption. To varying degrees, they provide advanced cybersecurity, intelligent load balancing, and the use of AI or machine learning for analysis.


    Most tailored to the requirements of the modern cloud and the constantly changing business environment. Versatility, scalability and flexibility allow for great freedom in creating configurations, modifying the existing space or running various applications.


    When creating the PowerMax series, the priority was to ensure safety for its users, both in terms of reliability and protection of the storage content. A range of security measures and an anomaly detection system will quickly neutralize or isolate possible threats before they can do more damage.


    AllFlash memory with a capacity of up to 186 PB can handle even the most demanding processes. The quality and versatile application possibilities are confirmed by over 250 industry certificates

    Backup and Data Domain

    Protecting data against attacks or data loss due to failure should be a priority. Today, when everything is on a computer, it is very difficult to recover lost information, and any downtime in the company’s operation can amount to thousands of zlotys per minute.

    As a supplier of servers, storage and backup systems, Dell also protects the interests of its customers.

    What distinguishes the American supplier’s solutions is:

    • Transparent Snapshot – gives access to virtual machines during data recovery.
    • Dynamic NAS Protection – NAS data backup and recovery.
    • Recovery Orchestration – a centralized and clear interface allows for faster data protection and restoration.
    • Kubernetes Protection – available in one console in a transparent way, it gives you full control over the process.

    Dell Storage Direct. Source:Dell


    • PowerProtect Data Manager – easy-to-configure software through a simple interface allows for automated or manual backups. Automatically deduplicates and detects irregularities in the data structure.
    • Data Protection Suite – based on VMware, allows you to secure data in many environments and integrate protection into the strategic goals of the organization.

    Data Domain – PowerProtect DD3300

    dell for business - servers storage backup solutions data domain deduplication
    • A simple 2U device with a modern, intuitive interface
    • Comprehensive data protection with the best deduplication and reliability features
    • The solution includes DD Boost, DD Encryption and DD Replicator licenses
    • Includes Cloud Tier and Cloud Disaster Recovery services
    • Scalable across multiple sites with efficient network replication for ROBO applications

    Dell APEX

    • Backup Services – data stored in the cloud can be easily recovered without burdening your infrastructure.
    • Protection Storage for the Public Cloud – thanks to the use of block storage, it is one of the most efficient data protection systems in the world. It provides almost unlimited space that will meet the requirements of the largest customers.
    • Data Storage Services Backup Target – ensures safe and reliable storage of backup copies. The subscription pricing model allows you to scale and pay only for the space you use.
    • Cyber Recovery Services – relieves IT teams in creating data protection policies and strategies, and, if necessary, supports them in recovering lost content to restore the company’s functioning as quickly as possible.

    Assembly, configuration and more

    it integration process delivery

    We design, implement and maintain IT systems at every stage. From infrastructure, through security, to servers and staff training. We help dozens of clients around the world with the safe storage and possible recovery of data after all types of incidents.

    Trust our experience and implement Dell for business with Grandmetric. Write to us and find out how we can cooperate!

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