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Cisco announces Grandmetric the Innovation Partner of the Year

Cisco announces Grandmetric the Innovation Partner of the Year


To say that we’re thrilled by this recognition is not to say enough 🤩

Driven by our experience, and an even bigger appetite for using new technologies, we’ve always aimed at doing things differently. This approach allowed us to succeed in several areas, outracing our bigger, and often older competition.

This year, our biggest Partner, Cisco, recognized our spirit, noting that as Grandmetric, we:

  • combine traditional SysOps and agile DevOps approach, which leads to many automation projects we’re particularly proud of;
  • were in charge of the first Cisco SD-WAN implementation in Poland;
  • joined a handful of SD-WAN Managed Service Providers this year;
  • perpetually expand our knowledge base with hundreds of Cisco configurations such as this one about Cisco ISE;

Marcin Bialy, Grandmetric’s Board Member, and Advisory Architect accepted the award on behalf of our entire engineering and operations teams – the true innovators, as he noted in his acceptance speech 💪


Cisco Innovation Partner 2021

Grandmetric Marcin Biały receives an award from Cisco Poland

Cisco Partner Summit

The Celebration was also a great opportunity to meet distributors as well as our competition 😏  After several intense discussions, we would not be ourselves if we didn’t come back with some new ideas!