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Wireless Engineering Training

Wireless Engineering Training

This bundle includes two levels of wireless engineering training. The first training discusses the basics of radio systems with emphasis on Wi-Fi. We go step by step from the foundations of the radio transmission, explaining the basic nomenclature and the theory behind it, like frequency, spectrum, bandwidth, waveform, etc. Then we discuss the overall radio system including transmitter & receiver, antennas and MIMO schemes. This is followed by discussion on the radio channel, decomposing it to individual elements and their impacts on the transmitted signal including: pathloss, shadowing, multipath, interference and noise. Then, we move to the transmitter chain explaining coding, modulation and transmission schemes. Here we put emphasis on explaining OFDM transmission and CSMA. The common denominator for all those aspects is Wi-Fi, meaning that during explanation of a given part, we provide practical parameters and implications especially for Wireless LAN. Moreover, we show the evolution of Wi-Fi standards, starting from initial releases: 802.11a/b/g, up to modern versions: 802.11n/ac/ad.

In the second training we discuss how does the Wi-Fi work on different layers. The course starts with a flashback of Wi-Fi basics in order to provide complete overview. Then physical layer and RF part is described. We show what elements buildup a transmitter and receiver chain and how can we use multiple antennas in a single device. Then in a MAC layer part, all aspects related to medium access are discussed including medium sensing, timing and priorities. This session contains explanation of how so many devices can share the same medium without any external coordination. Later on, session 4 presents steps required to connect to the 802.11 network. This includes authentication and association. While discussing network access we present vulnerabilities of 802.11 and possible attack on such network. To provide complete overview of this issues security measures allowing to protect from those attacks are also described. Last of the sessions covers a topic of Wi-Fi measurements – how do devices exchange information about network and transmission state.

The advantage of this course is that the technical aspects, although sometimes complex, are explained in an easy manner with analogies and practical examples. In this training you will be also able to take quizzes to check your understanding of the topics. It is designed by two instructors: Mateusz Buczkowski and Marcin Dryjanski, both having hands-on experience in developing wireless systems as R&D engineers. Also, both of them have extensive experience in teaching those topics as lecturers and professional technical trainers, as well as through publishing articles and books.

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