Data Transmission Overview

Data Transmission Overview

The Introduction to data transmission video track is divided to sessions starting from the easiest. First, we are going through the IP world. There you will learn the basics terms, how data flows between devices, what is the smallest portion of information and how this information is organized while sending across the network. Then you will get familiarized with bits, frames and packets as a data structure. After that we will qualify those bits, frames and packets to communication model. Then you will find out about connections, cabling, medium types and how we use them in real networks. The 5th session will explain the IP addressing, subnetting and how to plan this at the beginning of the network project. The last session will explain the DNS, DHCP, NTP, ARP network services and many more. Join to become a true network engineer!


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Technology : IP, Routng, Switching, WiFi, Security, Data Center

Level : Entry

Type : On site, Online