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5G Engineering

5G Engineering Training

5G Engineering course allows you to get through examples of use of 5G in different cases, 3GPP standardization process or 5G nomenclature. Taking this training will help you with understanding of 5G Air Interface and network evolution of 5G system.

Selected items from learning agenda:

  • 5G Introduction (5G-Private Public Partnership, 5G High Level Requirements, NGMN and 5G Framework)
  • Variety of 5G Use Cases (3GPP: 5G System Requirements, 5G Use Case Examples Technical Enablers)
  • Standardization Progress Towards 5G (3GPP Structure and Nomenclature, 3GPP Standardization Process)
  • 5G Air Interface Overview (5G Engineering Featured Image, 5G Multiple-Access Schemes, 5G PHY Technologies: Massive MIMO and Dynamic Beamforming)
  • Software-Defined 5G Architecture (Network Slicing, 5G Device-to- Device and Vehicular Communications, 5G QoS Framework)


“5G Engineering” is an on-line course run by, where Grandmetric contributed by providing materials and outline.

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