Cisco Catalyst 9120

Catalyst 9120 is a series of next generation Cisco access points, featuring cutting-edge access point technologies for any network size.
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Typical location
Suspended under ceiling
Main functions
Providing hosts with wireless access to networks.

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Configuration and application

The main application of an access point is providing wireless access to the network for other devices in the range of a given access point.

Apart from typical functionalities, such as the expansion of wireless networks and strengthening of the Wi-Fi signal in the building, the access point can also, with Cisco DNA subscription, provide network consistency thanks to automation and quick hazard detection due to analyses running in real-time.

This makes Catalyst 9120 the forerunner in terms of analytics, security, and performance. Catalyst 9120 will make a good solution for developing network infrastructures, as it perfectly adjusts to the growing requirements that need to be met during the Internet of Things implementation.

Catalyst 9120 Ports location

Catalyst 9120 ports
Catalyst 9120 ports

Key technical features

Cisco Catalyst 9120 series access points support and is able to utilize functions provided by Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 support will enable sure network development with a reliable connection. The second most important parameter is a flexible 5 GHz radio (4×4) with 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency (4×4).

These access points are able to support orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) and MU-MIMO technology which enables the use of significantly better bit rates. A device suite from this series is equipped with an internal or an external antenna, as well as an antenna for professional installations. It’s also available with an optional built-in wireless network controller.

The unit also features the Cisco RF ASIC radio system, which enables advanced RF spectrum analysis and a wireless anti-intrusion system. All these parameters along with the latest Cisco DNA analysis systems make Catalyst 9120 a leader in the access point segment.

Cisco Catalyst 9105 Cisco Catalyst 9115 Cisco Catalyst 9120
Three radios: 2.4 GHz (2×2), 5 GHz (2×2) and BLE/IoT Three radios: 2.4 GHz (4×4), 5 GHz (4×4) and BLE Four radios: 2.4 GHz (4×4), 5 GHz (4×4), Cisco RF ASIC and BLE/IoT
OFDMA and MU-MIMO support OFDMA and MU-MIMO support Cisco Flexible Radio Assignment and Cisco CleanAir technology
Application container support Application hosting at Catalyst 9100 access points Application hosting at Catalyst 9100 access points
Ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted model (Catalyst 9105i and Catalyst 9105w) Built-in wireless controller Built-in wireless controller

For Access Point-type devices from this series, the license is obligatory for correct device use. Valid license type will enable the use of full range of features provided by access points. Catalyst 9120 uses two types of license packs, such as:
Simplified network packs:

  • Network Essentials and Network Advantage

Term-based software packs:

  • Cisco DNA Essentials, Cisco DNA Advantage or Cisco DNA Premier

Cisco DNA licenses are available for purchase for 3, 5 or 7-year long periods. However, after a given license expires, it’s still possible to use packs such as Network Essentials and Network Advantage.