Cisco Catalyst 9200–24T

Cisco Catalyst 9200 series switches are basic-class devices for SD-Access, the leading Cisco corporate architecture.
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Catalyst 9200
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Combining segments of a computer network, Connecting client devices

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Catalyst 9200-24T - Features overview

Cisco Catalyst 9200–24T switch features 24 data ports with 128 Gb/s bandwidth. The unit provides the capabilities of 3-Tier, such as OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS, RIP, and routed access. Plug & Play service enables simple and unified new device implementation or existing network update.

Switches are delivered with modular master links, which enable seamless migration from 1G to 10G and beyond, as needed. Compatible network modules:

  • C9200-NM-4G – 4× 1G network module
  • C9200-NM-4X – 4× 1G/10G network module
  • C9200-NM-BLANK – empty network module

Cisco Catalyst 9200 series switches support two power supply units with the capability of on-site replacement. Each switch is delivered with one default PSU. Second, an identical PSU can be purchased along with the unit, or at a later date. If needed, the second PSU can provide redundancy, which ensures that the switch won’t stop operation in case of failure.


Switch models from the Catalyst 9200 series are adjusted for stacking as standalone virtual switches. It enables the customer to have one management plane for up to 384 access ports. Mixed stacking is not supported. Linking fixed units with modules and switches from different Catalyst series is not possible.

Catalyst 9200-24T - Ports

Catalyst 9200L Switch
Catalyst 9200 Switch – Ports

Configuration and application

Cisco Catalyst 9200 switches make it easy for customers to optimize the IT structure and reduce operational costs with the use of smart automation solutions. They provide security functions, which effectively protect the integrity of the hardware, software, and all data flowing through the switch. With link bandwidth up to 128 Gbps, modular data links, and support of 3-Tier function, Catalyst 9200 series devices are unparalleled industry solutions with differentiated resilience and progressive architecture, which ensures viability and reliability in-office application.

Cisco IOS XE software enables setup, operation, and network management automation. The automation mechanisms are:

  • Auto device assignment
  • API-based configuration
  • Seamless updates and software patches
  • High availability

Cisco Catalyst 9200 series switches are basic-class devices for SD-Access, the leading Cisco corporate architecture. Rule-based automation provides:

  • Simplified segmentation and micro-segmentation with predictable efficiency and scalability
  • Automation through Cisco DNA Center
  • Quicker launch times of new business services and significantly shorter problem solving

The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family of switches introduces a new, simplified licensing pack in the form of basic and extra licenses:

  • The lifetime license includes Network Essentials and Network Advantage functions. These basic license packs include basic and advanced switching functions, problem-solving, and management automation, among others. These licenses are indefinite.
  • Subscription license includes Cisco DNA Essentials and Cisco DNA Advantage options. These licenses are obligatory for the configuration and their duration is 3, 5, or 7 years. With them, the customers obtain built-in SWSS, which includes 24/7 Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), as well as software version updates and advanced technical assistance analysis.


License combinations:

Cisco DNA Premier Cisco DNA Advantage Cisco DNA Essentials
Network Essentials
Network Advantage ✗*

*When renewing Cisco DNA Essentials license, there is an option of additional Network Advantage pack purchase