SecureX is a built-in platform experience that is cloud-native and linked to your infrastructure. It maximizes operational efficiency while securing your network, endpoints, cloud, and apps. It is integrated and open for simplicity, unified in one place for visibility, and simple to use. SecureX orchestrates and automates security across the SecOps, ITOps, and NetOps teams. In 15 minutes, it shortens time-to-value and lowers costs with tangible advantages.

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SecureX as a security platform

It is said that all roads lead to Rome. In the case of Cisco, this Rome is SecureX, a platform that integrates not only Cisco solutions, but is also open to integration with external systems. This is a true revolution for Cisco!

Cisco focuses on integration to such an extent that it adds SecureX to all its solutions from the Cisco Security portfolio. The visibility of all devices in a single panel is undoubtedly an interesting advantage. Even more so, if we add the ability to aggregate and analyze security data from the entire organization, as well as daily updates prepared by the Cisco Talos team.

What interesting can SecureX do?

  • It correlates threats between devices, which actually shortens the response time
  • Automatically secures all connected devices and areas
  • Knows the context between devices
  • Shows ROI and metrics from multiple products at once
  • And above all, it aggregates information from various parts of the infrastructure and allows you to react to it from one place. In this way, it reduces not only the time needed to react to threats but also the number of people involved in the process.
SecureX at a glance
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How it works?


Automate repetitive tasks and create workflows that speed up your processes.

Threat response

SecureX is an integrated approach to XDR. You can accelerate threat investigations and incident management by gathering and correlating global intelligence in a single view.

Device insights

Monitor all your devices and use contextual awareness to identify security gaps and react to them.

Single sign-on

Get quick access to all security incidents in your network in one SecureX panel.

Cisco SecureX Integrations

SecureX integrates seamlessly with a broad range of Cisco Security products. Among them, you can find:

Cisco Umbrella
Cisco Secure Firewall
Cisco Secure Endpoint
Cisco Secure Workload
Cisco Secure Access by Duo
Cisco Defence Orchestrator
Cisco Secure Web Appliance
Cisco Secure Malware Analytics
Cisco Secure Network Analytics
Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics


Apart from Cisco integrations, users of SecureX can write their own integrations by using Cisco DevNet or GitHub resources.