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  • Digital Teansformation of Enterprises

    At Grandmetric, we support the transformation of companies around the world by offering clients the latest technology solutions and design support.

    Today is not enough

    Technology enables the automation of many business processes, which leads to savings in time and resources. For this to be the case in practice, its implementation must be properly planned and carried out. Our engineers have experience in solving problems - both in growing organizations and those with infrastructure distributed around the world.

    Problems we solve

    From mundane things such as supporting dozens of IoT devices, sensors, scanners, robots, to the use of cloud services. With the fourth industrial revolution, access to the network, both external and internal, became the basis for the functioning of a modern enterprise. Organizations require reliable, secure network infrastructure, latency-free communication, and the ability to process unprecedented amounts of data.

    Challenges of growing organizations

    Efficient network infrastructure

    Network transformation allows organizations to respond to the growing needs of ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and handling application traffic.

    Lacking global standards

    Global organizations often lack developed standards for the equipment they install. As a result, purchases are more expensive and hardware management is more difficult.

    Licencing cost

    The more extensive the infrastructure, the more difficult it is to manage licenses for equipment, applications or services, and as a result, the organization incurs high operating costs.

    Unification of operator infrastructure

    Globalization and expansion to new continents result in the need to optimize costs related to operator connections and, consequently, to develop communication in the newly created network.

    Automation and process optimization

    Difficulties in recruiting high-class engineers result in the need to automate some technical processes or transfer them to less qualified departments.

    Building organizational security

    Global organizations often lack developed standards for the equipment they install. As a result, purchases are more expensive and hardware management is more difficult.

    How do we help organizations leverage technology?

    Technical consultancy

    Thanks to our understanding of technology and business, we can properly assess complex situations and develop optimal solutions.

    Infrastructure and security audits

    Benefit from the knowledge of our network and security experts. Locate bottlenecks and plan how to eliminate them.

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    Network transformation

    Plan and implement the migration of LAN, WAN and WLAN networks to secure and scalable infrastructures with us.

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    Transformacja usług głosowych

    Przygotuj bezpieczną i zintegrowaną komunikację głosową, bez względu na to, czy Twoi pracownicy są w firmie, czy we własnych home office.

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    Process automation

    Gain valuable resources and reduce the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks thanks to smart automation.

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    Building organizational security

    Build an organization that is resistant to attacks and aware of cyber threats. Protect your data, network infrastructure, IoT devices, applications and other systems you use every day.

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    The transformation projects we have completed for clients include:

    Digital transformation - how do we implement your transformation projects?

    We start digital transformation projects at the basics, i.e. by determining the current state in the intended area. Sometimes it is an inventory of network equipment, as in the case of a company that is growing dynamically and has lost control over its inventory. Other times it is a security audit covering the network, data, users, applications or OT devices.

    Based on the information obtained as a result of initial audits, we make recommendations and set goals together and then look for the best possible way to achieve them. Step by step we follow the path marked out by the roadmap.

    We help you prepare for reporting requirements, and if necessary, we provide expert knowledge during training for the entire team.

    Digital Transformation Process

    Wht work with us?

    Experienced engineers and project staff

    Our certified engineers have experience in projects of all sizes, from the enterprise sector to SMEs.

    Personalized approach

    In business, there are no two identical paths to success. We work with each client according to his needs and capabilities.

    We're frank and we're clear about it

    If something is unprofitable or impossible to implement, we let you know and look for alternatives.

    What do our clients say?

    quote Grandmetric

    The response time of the Grandmetric team is very short. It was important to us that they answered every question and quickly prepared an alternative solution, which we implemented. Today, our network operates stably, and I can precisely track any incidents in a convenient panel. The peace we have gained is priceless.

    – Sławomir Drożdż, Global Wind Service Polska

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