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Infrastructure and security audits

Cybersecurity – network, data, systems

An optimized, reliable, and secure access network is a challenge for almost every IT department. The key is proper planning, selection of proven devices and modification of network parameters.

For several years we have been dealing with security issues, observing the evolution of security solutions in the portfolio of companies such as Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, or Force Point.

We approach the protection of IT systems by maintaining the context and interdependencies between data flow, access to systems, and the way users work.

We provide a wide range of cybersecurity services

  • Security audits
  • Penetration tests of IT infrastructure
  • Secure LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi networks design
  • IT security implementation
  • We protect companies from phishing emails
  • Security policies design
  • Management of permissions and password policy
  • Hardware from verified partners together with licenses
  • Security compliance services

Who is responsible for cybersecurity?

Cyber attacks cost the global economy nearly $600 billion a year. It’s not just large organizations that are vulnerable to cybercrime. If you just store data, you are a potential victim of hackers. Loss of network access, hacking of online banking, theft of identity and credit card numbers – these are just a few of the consequences of hacking attacks on small and medium-sized businesses. Ransomware attacks, or hacking for ransom, are also becoming more common.

No matter if you

  • are the owner or manager of a small or medium-sized business that has an IT infrastructure,
  • store data, especially sensitive and personal data,
  • want to protect your knowledge, patents, and company know-how,
  • work remotely or hybrid and so is your orgaization…

… don’t wait until it’s too late. Start taking care of your IT security now.

Contact us and tell us about your needs!

We help design cyber-proof companies

security by design

We design complex solutions strengthening IT security for small and medium-sized companies.

comprehensive security audit

We perform cybersecurity audits and identify the extent to which your IT infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

white box black box penteration testing

We put in place appropriate IT security to ensure increased network and information security.

certified network security experts poland

Network security is provided by engineers with cyber security experience with CyberOps and Network Security profiles

Fortinet network security professionals

We are certified by the leading manufacturers of security software and hardware.


We regularly lead security projects for manufacturing companies, e-commerce leaders and the food industry.

How to protect corporate systems, data, or users?

Talking with our clients, we often hear that a good and efficient firewall is enough to ensure the security of a company. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contact with the Internet is just one of many areas that need to be secured. Due to the dynamic development of the application, data center, and cloud environments, we are faced with an increasing number of possible interfaces, protocols, and interfaces of individual parts of the IT environment with the Internet. The existing security measures prove to be insufficient.

What infrastructure components can we protect against attacks?

  • Access to LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi
  • Application segments
  • Databases
  • DMZ zones
  • Remote locations
  • DNS
  • Terminal equipment
  • Users (equipping them with knowledge of social engineering and other cyber threats)

The process of strengthening IT security with Grandmetric

1. Identification of needs and analysis of risks

We perform IT security audits and penetration tests of the infrastructure or network in order to identify threats and needs of a given organization and verify the effectiveness of already implemented security measures. As a result, our Customers receive a comprehensive vulnerability report

Testing tools and methodologies used by Grandmetric security team:

  • NIST SP800-115(Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment)
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)
  • OWASP MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard)
  • OSTTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)
  • ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework)
  • WASC-TC (Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification)
  • PTF (Penetration Testing Framework)
  • OISSG (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework)
  • Common Weakness Enumeration CWE in Mobile Applications
  • NIST SP800-115 (Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment)
  • Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
  • 2. Development of IT security

    We propose solutions to enhance security and develop security policies.

    3. Implementation of cybersecurity solutions

    We implement proposed solutions and equip companies with licensed equipment and proven tools.

    4. Threat monitoring

    Once IT security has been strengthened, we continuously monitor security incidents using our Security Operations Center (SOC) team, perform periodic audits and implement optimizations. We also react to threats as soon as they are detected, and sometimes prevent them from spreading.

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