Wi-Fi Site Survey and Audit – Case Study



Wi-Fi Site Survey and Audit – Case Study

The customer was experiencing poor Wi-Fi performance in three offices at various European locations. After the initial contact from the customer, who detailed us with the problem, we proposed to conduct a thorough audit of the Wi-Fi network to verify: performance, installation, and configuration of the current setup. Based on the current situation and found issues, the target was to provide a list of suggested improvements. This case study describes details of the conducted Wi-Fi audit including the problem detail, conducted activities, suggested adjustments and post-audit effects.


Enterprise Wireless – An Insight Into Different Wi-Fi Systems Aspects

Our latest Guidepaper we aim to provide a detailed insight into the world of enterprise wireless covering different aspects such as: the Wi-Fi technologies (and evolution), security mechanisms available, along with associated parameters involved in configuring and measurements involved in troubleshooting such a network.
Also, note that this Guidepaper’s contents are based on our unique “Enterprise Wireless Advanced” Course, discussion of which you can also find inside.