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Grandmetric LLC
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ul. Metalowa 5, 60-118 Poznań, Poland
NIP 7792433527
+48 61 271 04 43

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  • Professional Pre-Sales Services

    Professional Pre-Sales Services

    We believe in technical sales. If you are a vendor partner, and account manager and want to impress your client, engage our engineers and use Grandmetric pre-sales services to effectively close the deal.

    As we have proven many times in our history, taking the subject matter expert for a meeting with a client, almost always resulted in deal closing. Customers want to hear real solutions for their problems, that is why subject experts that have natural abilities to talk with others and explain in a simple way are the most effective way of selling IT solutions in the B2B market.

    In Grandmetric, we love to cooperate with our partners. Yes, we have deals and strategic agreements with other integration companies in the market, and other Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware partners. We do not break NDA’s and we are straight. We will represent You to your customers.

    Here we go, our Professional Pre-Sales Services front team:

    Marcel Guzenda – Infrastructure & Cloud Services

    Marcin Dryjański – Wireless Systems

    Marcin Biały – Networking & SDN

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