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Grandmetric LLC
Brookfield Place Office
200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10281
EIN: 98-1615498
Phone: +1 302 691 94 10

EMEA Region

ul. Metalowa 5, 60-118 Poznań, Poland
NIP 7792433527
+48 61 271 04 43

Grandmetric Tech Newsletter

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Grandmetric Tech Newsletter

We like to share knowledge, good practices and conclusions from work on IT projects of various scales. Our customers appreciate it, and now you can benefit from it too.

The Grandmetric Tech Newsletter is our engineering experience in a nutshell.

Stay up to date on the topics you work with on a daily basis

Network design


Automation and Config DevOps


What do you get in the Grandmetric newsletter?

a free pill of knowledge about networks, security and automation tools

reviews of the equipment we work with, e.g. switches, software and collaboration tools

info about the latest articles, case studies and videos we create

priority registration for our technical webinars and Grandmetric Tech Meeting

reminders for End of Support, End of Sale and other deadlines that may affect your infrastructure

additional materials: ebooks, checklists, configurations of Cisco and Huawei equipment

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    Marcin Biały

    Advisory Architect, Grandmetric