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  • Grandmetric Autumn Events – a Summary

    Grandmetric Autumn Events – a Summary

    Date: 11.12.2017

    Today, I’d like to summarize the latest events that we took part in during this autumn in Poland:

    October Event: “20th Job Fair for Electronics Engineers and Computer Scientists”, Warsaw

    We started our journey on the 16th and 17th of October in Warsaw at the “20th Job Fair for Electronics Engineers and Computer Scientists” where we talked to students about the current job market in the IT and Telco fields and their potential career paths in the Network and Wireless fields. One of the most interesting conclusion was that the IT students need to have multiple types of skills binded together: for instance, the network engineers should also posses programming skills in the coming era of Software Defined Networking (you can read our recent blog post on SDN and related career impacts here:

    November Event: “X Global Entrepreneurship Week”, Poznan

    Then we stopped by on the 17th of November in Poznań at “X Global Entrepreneurship Week” where we conducted a Seminar entitled: “Mobile & enterprise networks of tomorrow – selected aspects”, which included the following two talks, namely:

    “Mobile networks evolution and how you can contribute” that included the following agenda items:

    • How the mobile network is build up?
    • What is „G”?
    • How the new generation of mobile network is developed and who is involved?
    • What is the plan for Fifth Generation (5G)?
    • R&D work types in this area.

    “How to reveal CEO’s payroll? Security – the number one topic for tomorrow” with the following agenda:

    • How to compromise the network and get the sensitive data out of it?
    • Why simple mechanisms are still effective?
    • Threat prevention at the network level.
    • Choosing the path of a “safer”, where and how to find interesting work?

    We combined this event with our first “Network and Wireless Meetup” (you can find more information about it and future events here: thus, after the talks, we had a very long and interesting discussion with the participants on: IoT concepts, technologies such as NB-IoT, as well as on Network Security mechanisms, potential threats and systems’ vulnerability.

    December Event: “Future of Wireless Systems Conference”, Wrocław

    We concluded our tour in Wrocław on the 1st and 2nd of December where we had a pleasure to be one of the sponsors of the “Future of Wireless Systems” Conference (you can read more about the conference under this link:

    During this conference we had an opportunity to deliver two speeches:

    Marcin Dryjanski spoke about the ingredients of 5G to realise user centric networking representing (being our Partner in providing trainings on 5G). The discussion covered aspects such as: 5G requirements and services; 5G technologies, including: Massive MIMO, millimeter Wave, Ultra Dense Networking, Multi-Connectivity and Spectrum Framework; and finally, how to merge those “ingredients” to realise the concept of User Centric No-Cell.

    Marcin Biały spoke about network security aspects in his talk, entitled: “Might the attacks on network level be dangerous?”. During the discussion, Marcin spoke about the current network security threats, including: ARP spoofing, Scanning, Network infrastructure DDoS, TCP flood, Botnets, Source spoofing, Network level DDoS (Smurf attack) and Malware, and the related protection mechanisms, including: Dynamic ARP inspection, VLAN segmentation, CoPP, Firewall inspection, RTBH, uRPF, IPSG and Anti-Malware. You can download the slideset here.

    After the session, there was an almost 2 hour discussion between Marcin and other participants on the contemporary security aspects.


    We had a busy schedule the last couple of months, but it was also exciting talking to people who are quite interested in the topics we are working on, and we are truly grateful for the off-line discussions with the participants. Shall you be interested in our next events and news, Stay Connected via our newsletter!


    Marcin Dryjanski, Ph.D.

    Marcin Dryjanski received his Ph.D. in telecommunications from the Poznan University of Technology in September 2019. During the past 15 years, Marcin has served as R&D Engineer, Lead Researcher, R&D Consultant, Technical Trainer, Technical Leader and Board Member. He has been providing expert-level courses in the area of 5G/LTE/LTE-Advanced for leading mobile operators and vendors. In addition to that, Marcin was a work-package leader in EU-funded research projects aiming at radio interface design for 5G including FP-7 5GNOW and FP-7 SOLDER. He co-authored a number of research papers targeting 5G radio interface design and a book "From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G" published by Artech House. Marcin is co-founder of Grandmetric and co-founder and CEO at Rimedo Labs, currently focusing on Open RAN systems.

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