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Webinar: Accelerate Your Entire 5G Rollout


We are happy to announce, on November 29 (15:00 GMT) – Marcin Dryjanski, cofounder of Grandmetric – will be moderating a webinar on ‘Accelerate Your Entire 5G Rollout’ organized by KNect 365. The main speakers during this webinar will be:

  • Tim Brooks: Business Development Director in Infovista’s RAN Portfolio strategy and Business Development group
  • Gregory Donnard: Product Management Director for Infovista’s RAN Engineering suite of tools (including Planet, Ellipse, Planet Engine, and Planet Server)

Some of the key topics include:

  • How to leverage high definition maps for effective 5G radio planning – including initial non-standalone 5G network deployment
  • Perspective on design options and the best CAPEX vs. capacity scenario for different 5G frequency bands, using advanced automated planning capabilities
  • How to maximize massive MIMO return on investment with accurate 3D coverage and capacity modelling
  • Optimize user experience by testing your network for spectrum clearing, beam coverage verification and propagation model tuning – particularly at mmWave frequencies.

UPDATE: To listen to the record of this webinar, all you need to do is register yourself by clicking this link. .

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