Seminar: Networks of Tommorow @Poznan University of Technology

Seminar: Networks of Tommorow @Poznan University of Technology



We would like to invite everyone to our upcoming seminar which will take place on March 13 at Poznan University of Technology’s CW1 Hall, Piotrowo 2.

The seminar will focus on mobile networks, implementation processes, and the security of sensitive data.

We invite students interested in cyber security topics, IP networks, new mobile systems generation and IoT technologies.

The event will be divided into three parts:

• Part I / Evolution of mobile networks and the practical aspects
of work in implementing new systems

  •  How is wireless network build?
  • What exactly is “G”?
  • What is the process of implementing the new generation of the network and who is involved in it?
  • What is the plan for the Fifth Generation (5G)?
  • Research and development – examples of work types in this area.

• Part II / How to publish the board’s earnings? Security – the number one topic for tomorrow

  • How to compromise the network and get the sensitive data out of it?
  • Why simple mechanisms are still effective?
  • Threat prevention at the network level.
  • Choosing the path of a “safer”, where and how to find interesting work?

• Part III / Open discussion panel

Seminar starts at 3:30 PM and it will last until 6 PM. We’ve prepared a lof of suprises for the audience – stay connected with us and visit a Facebook page of the event

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