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  • Grandmetric provided Enterprise Wireless Advanced Training

    Grandmetric provided Enterprise Wireless Advanced Training


    We have just finished our 3-Days Enterprise Wireless Advanced training. Training was prepared and led by two instructors: Marcin Dryjański and Marcin Biały. Marcin Dryjanski demonstrated the theory aspects of wireless, then specifically WiFi. He went through the standards and their specifics. He also prepared student for Enteprise WiFi planning. On Day 2 Marcin Bialy presented security attacks targeted at wifi networks then explained 802.1x for wireless. The main course was the hands on lab that allowed students to configure their own wifi controller-based networks with real Access Points. They integrated also the Cisco ISE solution to Wireless LAN Controller. Day 3 was again the Marcin Dryjanski’s stage. He teached how to calculate real throughput, went through WiFi frequency spectrum and power analysis. He was presenting the spectrum behavior while changing the Cisco Wireless RRM and other parameters. Students saw the channel selection and hopping, noise, beacons they performed some throughput testing and more. Marcin also presented the wireless optimization on live messy network. That was excellent workshop !


    Marcin Dryjanski explaining WiFi Radio Tx / Rx Chain

    wifi tx rx chain

    Marcin Bialy presenting option 43 hex calculation

    cisco ise and wlc

    Live spectrum analysis and testing

    Wireless Training


    Enterprise Wireless Advanced is a training dedicated for teams who design, implement, troubleshoot and maintain enterprise grade Wifi networks.You can read the full agenda here.