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Grandmetric activities during COVID-19 pandemic

Grandmetric activities during COVID-19 pandemic


Official statement

According to current COVID-19 pandemic and our internal responsibility, Grandmetric company decided to shift whole workload from Grandmetric offices to the remote work as obligatory rule. Above rule affects all Grandmetric employees. It is worth to underline that above statement does not cause any negative impact to Grandmetric business and or it’s customers. All Grandmetric Managed Services 24/7, Network Operations Center or Advanced Services (new projects implementations) are working with 100% efficiency. Current and new orders of hardware and software are processed normally. Moreover, our responsibility and empathy for business around the World in hard times pushed us to the decision of serving with free consulting services for partners and customers.

Grandmetric free consultancy

In the time of challenges facing by IT departments related to increased remote work and collaboration demand, Grandmetric decided to serve with free consultancy and implementation support in above area to our current and future customers. VPN remote access , collaboration in distributed environment, documents and desktops sharing, conference calls and video meetings , VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) are areas that require special attention, support and ability of quick scaling or re-designing and Grandmetric is here to help.

Our partnerships prove the readiness

Grandmetric having official partnership with Cisco, Microsoft CSP, VMware, Citrix to name a few servers with necessary tools and competency to fulfill quick orders, delivery an integrations of named vendors. We list few interesting propositions from Cisco Systems, related to remote work and collaboration in the times of COVID-19.


Cisco Webex offer




VMware Horizon setup free assist





Cisco Anyconnect, Duo setup free assist




Grandmetric VPN as a Service

We were the first enabling scalable vpn hub. Since 12th of March 2020 we got ready with VPN as a Service, that we deliver for customers willing to scale with the licensing, VPN platform limitation etc. We already setup in express way the VMware Horizon installation, MS Office365 with Teams or Cisco Webex. More about VPNaaS you can read here


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Grandmetric sp. z o.o. Management