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IP and Mobile Trends and Education




5G trends – buzzwords reviewed

As the “5G” research and standardization is progressing, I would like to elaborate a bit on some concepts that are potentially serving as building blocks for the future systems. They are divided in this post into: Air interface and Networking concepts.   Selected air interface aspects millimeter Wave (mmW) – The high-frequency ranges are currently becoming […]


Spectrum toolbox evolution towards 5G (conference paper)

This short overview on the Spectrum Toolbox is based on the article “Spectrum Toolbox Survey: Evolution Towards 5G“[1], by Michal Szydelko and Marcin Dryjanski that will be presented on the Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2016), held this month in Grenoble, France. Note: This post is prepared with Michal Szydelko, who is the founder of […]