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IP and Mobile Trends and Education




How do satellite systems fit into 5G?

As we are bombarded from all over the places with the repeated phrase that “5G will not be only about higher speeds and shortened latency, but it’s the whole ecosystem change”, the question arises, do the satellite systems also fit in this picture? Based on recent research and 3GPP standardization discussion, the answer seems – […]


Will a mobile system (finally) become an alternative to fixed access?

With the recent hype on 5G, an interesting question could be raised, namely: will a mobile system finally become an alternative to fixed access? Can we really answer that question at this point? As of now, we cannot say for sure what 5G will become, since its still being discussed, the requirements specification is ongoing, and the actual […]


Radio networks technology trends – a look back to 2011

To start our journey towards the deep waters of radio networks and future mobile communications, I would like to move us back a couple of years, where we just entered the world of 4G with the introduction of LTE-Advanced. So if we imagine to be in 2011, the telecom trends back then looked like this… We are in […]