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IP networks technology trends – an outlook

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Today, when enteprise networks challenges go far beyond the „L3 switch or router”,” IPSec VPN or Leased Lines” wrinkles, we see many examples of choosing wrong direction at IT management level or simply choosing new technology which proves that was the bad idea after few months of operations. Choosing the right approach today is about global vision of infrastructure and services in organization. This is about balancing between security and user experience, scalability and complexity etc. The funny thing is that even vendors seem to probe the market trying to place some products often without real vision causing the product to suppress after a year.

This “Trends” series of articles will present our thoughts on what is going on in networking market. Because today’s rapidly growing technology merges networking, security, visibility, user experience, storage, programming and more, areas described here will consider hyperconvergence, network identity services, byod, software defined storage, virtualization, scalability in data centers, applications, software defined networks, next generation components etc.


Marcin Bialy

Marcin Biały is Network and Security Architect with over 10 years of experience, with Service Provider and Enterprise networking background. He used to work for large service providers, global vendors and integration services companies as Network Architect, Leading Architect and Techincal Solution Manager positions. He designed, implemented and supported dozens large scale projects and infrastructure migrations, solved hundreds of tickets and spent hours with CLI and GUI of many flavors. Marcin is also holding industry recognizable certificates such as CCNP, CCNA, CSSI, FCNSP, FCNSA and more.

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